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Rayman Legends Creator and Development Team Stand in Protest Over Delay

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The recent news that the Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends would be dropping the "exclusive" label and heading to the PS3 and Xbox 360 disappointed a lot of people wishing for Wii U to have some nice third-party exclusives. However, that's nothing compared to the reaction from Ubisoft's decision to delay the Wii U version, finished and ready for release, for half a year. Following the news was an outraged forum post by an anonymous person who claims to be an ex-developer, blaming the "men in ties" at Ubisoft for the delay and describing the news as having been "hell" to hear after the devs worked so hard to finish the game within the Wii U launch window.

Also following this news was a series of fan protests to get the Wii U version back to its original release date. Unexpectedly, one of such protests actually includes Rayman creator Michel Ancel and his development team, according to some recent pictures taken with fans involved in the protest:

Posted Image

Posted Image

These pictures show the devs with a banner that reads "Release Rayman. Support Ubisoft Montpelier" in French, along with a sad depiction of Rayman saying "please" and smaller banners drawn on reading "Wii U," "Rayman," "Michel Ancel," and "28/02/13." 28/02/13 (or 2/28/13) is, of course, the original release date for the Wii U version of the game.

While the devs weren't the ones who started this protest, them agreeing to stand with the fans who did is a pretty powerful message. Think about it: if they didn't want to show their publisher disagreement with the delay, would these pictures exist? Hopefully Ubisoft gets the message and makes something of this. It would certainly be nice to get Rayman Legends sooner than later...

What are your thoughts on this big delay?


I think it's great.Other people who don't have WiiUs(there are millions of us) will get to enjoy the game as well.

I think it's great.Other people who don't have WiiUs(there are millions of us) will get to enjoy the game as well.

The point here isn't the exclusivity, but that there's an unnecessary half-year delay.
If Ubi ignores a protest from their own developers, I'll really lose faith in them. Rayman Origins was such a big risk for Ubi, but they took it anyway, and supposedly it paid off. Why they would see fit to utterly disappoint that established fanbase with a needless delay is beyond me, and if anyone in their publishing arm has a brain, they'll switch the Wii U release back. I mean, it's not like it would be the first time a game released on one console months ahead of the other...not by a longshot.




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