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Rayman Legends is the Real Deal

Rayman Origins was an interesting title to watch when it launched late last year. Although initially many gamers weren't really interested in seeing a restart of the Rayman franchise, word quickly got out that the game was stellar. Via word of mouth the game managed to become quite the underdog.

Rumor started spreading that a new title was in the works and now we can say it's confirmed. A trailer was leaked by French gaming site Gamekult and now legions of Rayman fans are free to celebrate. Thanks to the trailer we now know that Rayman Legends will have new playable characters as well as online and social gaming.

The trailer is focused on the Wii U version of the game. This leads to the video showcasing special features which won't be on any other console. So, the system's tablet controller will be able to be touched to move features of the game world. It seems this may be an auxiliary task when the main player slots are full, but that's pure speculation on my part.

Most interesting and exclusive to the Wii U is that by placing objects onto the tablet controller's screen they may be implemented into the game. This may mean that we'll be seeing Skylanders-style figures for sale which will bring about extra levels. Ubisoft themselves have said that the video itself is purely demonstrative and so the features displayed may or may not be in the actual product.


Are you excited to get your hands on Rayman Legends?


Ubisoft says it's nothing more than an internal proof-of-concept video. I say nice try, no one's buying that.
A proof of concept video announcing new characters. Sounds about right.

I'm interested in this whole placing objects on the tablet controller. I saw a giant tablet table people used for playing DnD that used the same kind of technology, but for $10,000 I'd rather try it on the Wii-U.
I am looking forward to this game, but I don't like the idea of buying extra figures to put on the controller.
That looked fun and brought me back to when I played the Rayman for the PC over a decade ago! However, I too am skeptical about them talking about things that will be in a game that they can't actually provide in the end. It's bad to hype something up but then in the end you can't deliver...
The figure thing was interesting, didn't know the touchscreen had that ability. Maybe it's actually just the front facing camera scanning something in.




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