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Recent Study Shows Gamers Aren't All Lonely Nerds

Video Games Nerds Penn State Call of Duty Black Ops II

Most gamers probably already know that you can be both a gamer AND a responsible adult with a healthy relationship and plenty of friends, but we also know that a lot of other people think differently. They think most gamers are just isolated, lonely nerds who shut themselves off from other people in favor of their virtual lives. Well, that's complete and utter crap, according to a recent study.

Two professors over at Penn State found interest in this antisocial view on gamers and decided to perform a study, handing out questionnaires to about 150 gamers lined up for the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, figuring they fit the gamer stereotype well enough. Results of this study showed that these gamers, who were mostly male college students, tend to spend over $200 on video games per year. They also tend to play these games for about 20.5 hours a week. If you showed just these results to those who believe in the socially awkward nerd stereotype, they'd think they were right.

However, the results also showed that regardless of their level of dedication toward games, they had just as much dedication toward their social lives. "Not all video game players are destined for lives filled with failing relationships and dwindling friendships," states Penn State's press release. Basically, the results showed that spending a lot of your time on video games in no way makes people antisocial or "forever alone." Especially since the majority of games gamers play these days are, in fact, designed to play with others.

Keep in mind, however, that there are still plenty of gamers out there who spend over 100 hours a week on games, pretty much not having a chance to get outside much. Still, as more games and game platforms are becoming more community-driven, these gamers have plenty of opportunity to socialize. As for keeping a healthy relationship, that's a different matter...

What are your thoughts on this study? Do you think it will change minds?


I kind of feel like this is old news. Like if someone told me "Can you believe woman are let out of the kitchen this days".

My reaction would be pretty much my reaction to this.

"Yes... it's been that way for a while now."

I think whats surprising here is that people still believe that if you play video games a lot you must be a shut in and anti social.
BREAKING: Everyone from a certain demographic isn't the same! GASP!

Not a surprising study. In the end, it's a bad idea to stereotype anyone.
So it's just me then...

So it's just me then...

It was always you, Khorne. You who likes your Facebook games and Angry Birds....
Sometimes I feel lonely in the dorms when I don't fit in the group. There's always GP Chat to keep me company. :-)

Not a surprising study. In the end, it's a bad idea to stereotype anyone.

Agreed. You know what they say about books and covers and all that jazz.




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