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Resident Evil: Revelations Confirmed for Consoles

Resident Evil multiplatform Capcom

Only last week, we saw signs that made it seem that Resident Evil: Revelations would be hitting consoles. The 3DS game suddenly had achievements posted to 360Achievements, which would only make sense if a 360 version of the game were coming. There was little time to ponder about what it meant though as today Capcom has announced the game is indeed coming to consoles in North America and Europe.

It isn't just coming for 360 either. Resident Evil: Revelations will be on 360, PS3, Wii U, and even PC. The game will be available in retail form on May 21st for all these platforms, and digitally on PS3 and PC. Those looking to get a download for 360 and Wii U have to wait a while longer (a date for digital availability was not announced).

What has been changed or added to the console versions? Obviously the graphics have been upgraded to HD quality, but a few other changes were made as well. There is a new difficulty, added enemy, and the ability to play as some other characters from the series such as Hunk. Resident Evil: Revelations will launch for $50 on May 21st.

Here is Capcom's announcement trailer to accompany the news:



No PS Vita version though? lfr

No PS Vita version though? lfr

Games don't come to Vita because not many people play it, and yet, not many people play it because games don't come to Vita. Alas, the cycle continues...

In any case, it was nice that the 3DS had a RE exclusive, but I'm glad more people will have a chance to play this amazing entry. I mean, I didn't have a PSP when Silent Hill: Origins came out, and was only able to play it on my PS2 when it was ported. So good for Capcom for broadening the scope.
I'm glad I'll have another chance to play this since I tend to shun my 3DS and got rid of games I never played, but I'm definitely going to wait until it's cheaper. It's nice that they're adding stuff and all, but that still doesn't mean they should charge more than the 3DS version launched for considering you can get that for around $20 now.




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