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Rocksmith in Hot Water

Ubisoft attempted to move beyond the Rock Band and Guitar Hero with their ambitious title Rocksmith. Although the idea wasn't new, their choice to allow players to use their own real guitars with the game was certainly a neat hook. In order to accomplish this each game comes bundled with a standard 1/4th jack to plug electric guitars into.

All may have been well and good for Ubisoft when they published their title late last year but now they're in a bit of a sticky situation. Guitar Apprentice has decided to sue Ubisoft over Rocksmith because of patent infringement. The title of this suit is "Media system and method of progressive musical instruction" which explains the basics of what it's about.

Basically, games like Guitar Hero would be safe because they are not providing teaching instructions with their games. Rocksmith however is software which, because of the real guitar implementation, is a learning tool. Will this lawsuit go anywhere? It's hard to say, especially when Ubisoft's game is basically a commercial version of Guitar Rising, which may have an even older patent then Guitar Apprentice's. It's also interesting they aren't going after other rhythm games which attempted the same, but with less success, such as Power Gig: Rise of the SixString.


If I was Ubisoft, I'd be like "Lol nobody plays those anymore so who cares eat it"




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