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Rumor: Next Generation Playstation May Stream PS3 Games

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A new report from the WSJ says that the next Playstation, widely believed to be unveiled next week on Feb 20th, will be able to stream PS3 games. This function would be possible using technology made available through Gaikai, which you might remember Sony purchased last year for $380 million. The report states that Sony is heavily investing in Gaikai's technology for the next generation Playstation.

This rumor would seem to be backed by the fact that, despite the huge cost of acquiring Gaikai, Sony has not yet revealed what their purpose would be, causing many analysts in 2012 to speculate that the streaming tech would play a huge part in their next generation platform. Another thing to consider is that this would be easiest way to achieve backwards compatibility with the PS3, given that its successor is rumored to back way from the Cell processor and be based on much different architecture.

Stay tuned for more info as Sony unveils "the future of Playstation" at its media event in New York this coming Wednesday.

Via: Polygon
Source: WSJ


I hope they stream their entire library from PS1 through PS3. That way you don't have to worry too much about hard drive space. I'd be real excited if they give you access to a big library for a fee like PlayStation Plus. If they charge per game, it will be less appealing for me.
It makes sense they would stream games as they have to make use of Gakei somehow.
Though this is just cementing the fact that the PS4 won't be backwards compatible. Also I wonder how they'l charge users. A timed liscence (a week/month/6months etc.) or per use.
Stream as in kind of like the On Live service style?
So the service will only be usable for people in large cities?

Stream as in kind of like the On Live service style?

I assume they will mimic OnLive. I just know Sony better upgrade their servers for this to work.




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