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Rumor: Star Wars 1313 Development May Be Stalled

Star Wars 1313 Lucasarts

We last heard about LucasArt's upcoming Star Wars 1313 at E3 2012, but the game has been virtually radio-silent ever since. Of course, the big news that Disney was buying LucasFilm (which LucasArts is a part of in the deal) seemed to complicate things further, with many wondering if the project would still be able to proceed despite the change in ownership.

LucasArts mentioned that development on the game would continue despite that, but Kotaku claims that three different and unrelated anonymous sources from LucasArts came forward to say that the game was put on hold since Disney's acquisition of the company. LucasArts, however, denies that and says that development continues.

"LucasArts has been working diligently to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that the new Star Wars movies present," a company spokesperson told Kotaku. "Star Wars 1313 continues production."

Whether or not the publisher doesn't want to admit that development has stopped for fear of any fans losing interest and loss of hype is unclear, so it's hard to say which side is telling the truth.

The anonymous sources also go on to discuss how 1313 was actually first conceived as a tie-in to the eventual Star Wars live-action TV show that was planned but frozen in development due to budgetary concerns. After that happened, the game's story was re-written and cut loose from the TV show in order to be its own story.

Another interesting tidbit the sources mentioned was that LucasArts sought to reinvent itself in 2011 by making Star Wars-themed games in popular genres, such as a take on Farmville, and a Call of Duty-like game called Trigger. 1313 was even set to have some elements that were similar to the Uncharted games, like the platforming sections. Of course, LucasArts refused to corroborate either of the stories, but it's noteworthy that Kotaku mentions they didn't deny it either.

Whatever the truth behind Star Wars 1313 is, we'll hopefully hear more soon as E3 is just three and a half months away now.

Source: Kotaku

What do you think? Is it likely that Star Wars 1313 has ceased development for now?


If they somehow manage to involve Disney Interactive Studios, then we'll probably never see the game since all they care about right now is Disney Infinity or whatever the Skylanders ripoff is called. If LucasArts is able to keep working independently, though, then I don't see why there would be a problem. 1313 looks like a pretty cool game, so I hope they're still hard at work on it and that we'll hear more about it soon.
People seemed to be pretty excited about the demo, so you'd think they would want to keep on with it. Maybe they are holding it back to release alongside the new movie.




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