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A Recent PS3 Firmware Brings Dropbox Support

From time to time, Sony releases new firmwares for the PS3. And every time, gamers everywhere enjoy the new features they get to play around with. Some of these features users will find by using the PS3's web browser. And with the newest firmware update, v4.10, the browser has been updated with a new feature that many users are bound to be excited for - Dropbox support!

If you don't know what Dropbox is, it's a service that allows users to upload files from their computers and download them from pretty much anywhere (think of it as a desktop that you can take files from using a phone, other computers, etc.). And now that this new firmware update has added Dropbox support, you can now download files from the PS3. Don't try uploading files, though. That'll probably cause the system to crash...

And people who have tried out this new feature are happy to report that files ranging from music to movies all downloaded fast and with no complications whatsoever. Whether you realize it or not, this is quite a useful addition to what the PS3 offers, because now you won't have to transfer all your content to your PS3 via other means.

And if you haven't started an account yet, you can sign up for Dropbox right now for a free 2GB of storage space. That should be more than enough to hold you off until you inevitably feel like upgrading.

Have you tried out the PS3's new Dropbox feature? How do you like it?

Source: TerminalGamer





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