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GungHo Bringing More Obscure Games to PSN Imports

PSN PS One import GungHo Online Entertainment

Most PS3 users look through PSN every once in a while, but may not be aware of the PS One Classics Import section. This area features games which were only available on PS1 in Japan. So far, publisher Monkey Paw Interactive has served up most items available within it. Today, GungHo Online Entertainment has just pushed six titles to PSN.

You may recall this company as they were the ones who also brought Dokuro to PSN. Now it seems they're in full swing, releasing lots of very Japanese content to Sony fans. The six new games are as follows:
  • Art Camion Sugorokuden
  • Finger Flashing
  • Lup Salad
  • Makeruna Makendo 2
  • Vehicle Cavalier
Chances are, most, if not all, of the titles mentioned are not ones you're familiar with. As such, here are some incredibly brief descriptions for each. Art Camion Sugorokuden is a board game of sorts based around garishly decorated delivery trucks. Finger Flashing is basically rock, paper, scissors, except that you use the luck game to fight off monsters and other enemies. Lup Salad is mostly a typical puzzle game focused around matching three blocks of a kind. However, movement is limited as blocks may fall and crush the character if they aren't careful.

Continuing on, Makuruna Makendo 2 was initially a SNES-era fighting game. It was updated for PS and features a cast of strange characters to fight with. Vehicle Cavalier is a game of giant robots battling each other. You're able to customize your mech as well. Finally, ZANAC x ZANAC is a package of two games, Zanac and Zanac Neo. These are both sidescrolling shooters which fans of the genre are probably familiar with. Each title is $6 and is completely in Japanese.

Do you appreciate how the digital era is giving players access to games never before available in their regions?





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