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Latest PS2 Classics Update Adds Castle Shikigami 2


Have you been itching for PlayStation 2 games to play lately? If so, and if you don't have a backwards compatible PS3 (or PS2?!) then your one stop shop for games is the PlayStation Store. Today they added two more PS2 Classics to the lineup, both of which may be worth looking into.

First there is Dynasty Tactics 2 which came out in 2003. The short-lived series focused on more tactical battles than what you might see from hack n' slash heavy Dynasty Warriors. The sequel is likely available in lieu of the original game due to Dynasty Tactics 2 being the expanded and better title.

Next up is Castle Shikigami 2. Fans of sidescrolling shooters should definitely take note. The Shikigami series has seen continual release in the US despite a likely niche audience. The prequel of the series is best known as having a seriously Charlie's Angels-looking cover when it launched in the West as Mobile Light Force 2. Anyway, Castle Shikigami 2 is a competent shooter. The only issue is the English dub which features some truly ridiculous translation and voice acting.


Oh man, now I can enjoy the absolutely terrible dub on my PS3?  I just might do that :P




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