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PSN Fans Say Goodbye to Qore

If you've never hopped into the PlayStation Store then you're probably not even aware of Qore. Launched in 2008 it was a neat sort of digital magazine which brought information about new Store releases to gamers. If you remember PlayStation Underground's "Jampack" series of demo discs this is basically what it morphed into. Qore not only showcased new goods but often granted players access to demos or even betas. It wasn't a free service though unless you were a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Otherwise, you could purchase an entire season or just one episode.

Unfortunately, Qore is finally coming to an end. April's episode (the 47th) will be the last one. Because of this, it will also provide a retrospective segment about its history. Alongside this the episode will also come with the Qore Ultimate Arcade. This DLC bundle includes 11 minigames which have been showcased on Qore in the past four years.

Why is it ending now? Although the PS3 has a great deal of life still in it, now is probably the time for Qore's team to do something else for Sony. That, or PlayStation Plus has succeeded enough to sort of turn gamers away from needing the demos it provides. If you're feeling sappy then past episodes are still available to purchase, although the demos and other special content are probably much less exciting now.

Did you ever check out Qore? Do you think something will take its place?


Only ever got Qore through PSTOM. It was interesting to watch but not worth pay for unless it came with a really good beta or something. Sad to see it go but I won't miss it.
Qore was interesting but should have been free for all PSN users and should have also been a little more current with the game information. Watching an episode of Qore was like going back in time and finding out stuff I already knew weeks or months before from various sources on the internet. I'm sure PSN will still be getting plenty of demos, so Qore will not be missed in my book.
They have Pulse available for free, no need for Qore.
I enjoyed Qore but the file sizes were too big. They were usually over 1 GB. Once PS Plus was regularly releasing a good amount of content, I didn't want to waste the space and time for Qore. It served its purpose and now its time to move on.
I only ever got it through gamesharing with my cousin who had PS+, and it really wasn't very interesting to me so I'm not sad or glad to see it go. It certainly saves Sony money on employees who make it, so that's probably best in the long run.

It did have a few decent episodes, but nothing really worth the price they were charging for it.
I gotta say though, the host for Qore was pretty hot. I think she dropped at some point though? I think it was Veronica Belmont :D




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