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Smooch! Chulip Gets Ready for a PS3 Re-Release

Chulip Punchline Natsume PS2 PlayStation 2 PS3 PlayStation 3 Sony PSN adventure

Chances are, you haven't heard of this niche PlayStation 2 title. Chulip is the quirky little game about a boy who's turned down by the girl of his dreams. To capture her heart, the boy must raise his reputation by impressing and then kissing the residents of Long Life Town.

Yeah, that seems pretty weird.

In any case, if you're intrigued by this adventure/simulation game now, then you're in luck. The ESRB has just rated Chulip with Sony Computer Entertainment America as the publisher, which means a PSN release as a PS2 Classic sometime soon. Hopefully that now means more attention for the originally GameStop-exclusive game.

What are your thoughts on Chulip? Will you purchase it when it is available on the PlayStation Store?


Oddly enough, isn't this from the same developer as PS2 survival-horror game Rule of Rose?

Oddly enough, isn't this from the same developer as PS2 survival-horror game Rule of Rose?

Huh, you're right. Punchline.
I never knew that.
I know I've always been critical of the "Classics" line for usually containing anything but, but it is nice to see quirky titles like this get exposure.
I've seen copies of the game and looked at the back of the case, but that just made me more confused so I've never played it. If for whatever reason I decide to try it I'll probably just pick up a physical copy, but, echoing 905, it's nice to see titles like this get some exposure and not just the obvious, big-name stuff everyone's already played to death.




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