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Sony Hypes Feb. 20th Announcement with New Video Series

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A the end of January, Sony Computer Entertainment shared a website which contained a video. The video offered nothing of substance other than a date of February 20th. It is known that a Sony event will be happening that day and many have theorized it will be the official announcement of the next PlayStation home console (and/or upgraded Vita).

To further cement that this is a big deal, Sony have today posted a new video on the PlayStation Blog. Instead of the mysterious teaser, this one is the first part of a new video series named PlayStation Evolution leading up to February 20th. The initial video discusses PlayStation's start as a small gray console that first hit America in 1995.

Such a video series seems to only cement the notion that a new console is definitely about to be unveiled Why else would they now be revisiting their history without leading up to discussion of the next "evolution"? Of course, they aren't going to confirm anything until the date of the actual event.

Here is the first PlayStation Evolution video which has a nostalgic look back at Sony's original console:


Will you be paying close attention to Sony on February 20th or just wait for others to bring the news to you?


I think I'll just wait to hear about it. News after the event will be pretty much unavoidable. If it's an updated Vita I will feel jaded since I just bought a Vita..definitely a cool video. The original PlayStation came out when I joined the Army and I definitely played it whenever I got a chance. I most fondly remember Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil and Madden tournaments in the barracks from those days.
I will probably cry if February 20th does not bring forth the announcement of PS4! Well, that is possibly an exaggeration but I will be glued to the Internet come this Wednesday!




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