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Team17 Bringing Back Superfrog

Team17 Superfrog retro Amiga PS3 Vita

Just this week, developer Team17 brought their Alien Breed revival to Vita and PS3. In that post, they shared the hope to revisit other old properties of theirs. It was a tantalizing thought, but not one that anyone expected to be acted on so quickly! As it turns out, they were about ready to announce another blast from the past.

This time the game is Superfrog being brought back as Superfrog HD. Back in 1993, this smug amphibian took to Amiga and developed a small following. However, it went without enough attention to warrant sequels or spin-offs. The upcoming revival comes in time for the 20th anniversary and hopefully both fans and newcomers will find it worth a look.

Superfrog HD is being given entirely new graphics (with no option for original graphics, unfortunately) and is heading to PS3 and Vita. No date has been given yet but one is probably coming soon. Now this makes us wonder what other properties Team17 may be looking to share with a new audience...


There's someone out there who has been waiting for this announcement for years.

I'd never played the original (or even heard of it) but after watching a video I'm not sure I'm interested in this new version. Superfrog appears to run fast like Sonic but the levels are set up more like Mario levels, which kinda negates the whole speed thing...just looks like an oddly designed game all around.
I'd like to see Worms 2 make a comeback! That's still the best worms game made in my opinion! Then maybe World Party.




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