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Tokyo Jungle Will Leave Japan

If you're never heard of Tokyo Jungle then it might be worth looking into. The creative PS3 title focuses around a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. However, instead of featuring humans or aliens inhabiting this barren landscape, animals are the ones roaming free. Earlier this week it was announced the game would come to Europe but there was no word on it continuing the trek westward. Now we have confirmation that the game is not only coming to Europe but also North America.

In an interview with Joystiq, Scott Rohde, Sony's Vice President of Product Development and Worldwide Sales said:

"It'll ship here, it'll ship everywhere. That game is just wacky, but in a good way, because we like to show that there's still an art form, and you can still experiment. Is everyone gonna love a game like Tokyo Jungle? Absolutely not, but there's a whole bunch of people it's gonna make really happy. Specifically for the fact that it's so different, and so unexpected. That's a key part of the culture of Worldwide Studios and how our games are developed."

Tokyo Jungle just launched in Japan, and prior to this week, had no indication of coming to any other regions. There's no date pegged for other regions right now but it will be a PSN title. At least this unusual game will be able to be experienced by more PS3 gamers now.


It is a little interesting to see a post-apocalyptic game without zombies/mutants roaming the landscape, not to mention the fact that you play as a Pomeranian and can fight with other regular animals in packs. I read that you also play as a race horse and have to find out how mankind disappeared off the face of the Earth.




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