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Vita Being Bundled With... A Car

Driving while gaming is a terrible idea. No one will likely debate this, unless they are awfully addicted to gaming or if they happen to be Mario. Clearly Scion and Sony don't agree, however, and have decided to partner their shiniest and newest products with a free PlayStation Vita to come with ever Scion iQ.

Scion's vice president Jack Hollis believes the two are a natural pair. "Similar to the PS Vita, the Scion iQ comes loaded with premium technological features, has a focus on functionality, is concentrated into a suitably small package and most importantly is tons of fun."

This is the second time the two have paired up, but at least the first time sort of made sense. For a limited time, people were able to download a Scion iQ for MotorStorm RC. Driving while playing a Vita can only lead to one road: The highway to the danger zone.

It's certainly not worth buying a $16,000 car to get a $300 piece of hardware, but if you wanted to buy a Scion iQ anyway, this might be something nice to sweeten the pot. The deal is between May 1st (that's today!) and July 31st, 2012, so interested parties do have a little bit of time.


They're bundling the Vita with you, Marsh? Dayum.
Beep beep.

It's certainly not worth buying a $16,000 car to get a $300 piece of hardware.....

I am sure this bit of logic eludes many people. At least it does when the items are somewhat less expensive initially compared to a car.

"WHAT? If I buy $400 worth of white printer paper at office depot I get A "FREE" HAND BAG?!?!?! I'm so in."
"You mean if I purchase these $300 pair of eyeglasses frames you'll throw in some EXTRA lens cleaner tooooooo? NO WAY."
"All I have to do is buy $2500 worth of products from Best Buy in a year to be a BB Rewards Silver member and I get a very measly gift card back that won't even cover the tax I paid on my items? YES YES YESSSSSS!! *pumps fist in air*"

:rolleyes: I don't know how I would feel about getting a Vita with a new car. I think I'd be like....OH, okay...how about you just give me the cash off my car for that instead of giving me the Vita, and take another $2000 off your asking price too and maybe we'll talk about me purchasing that today.
Interesting combo, but I don't think that will be a reason to buy a car. Sony must be desperate to get more Vitas out on the market to do something like this.
Yeah although I agree with bink that this should not be a big deal. I have to be honest and say that I am a sucker for "deals". Where I am a lot of places have point cards etc and at the end of the day I always find out that going to a cheaper place in general is better than getting 1 percent back on something...

How the mind can play tricks on us.
They have to do something,right?What PS Vita owners playing?




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