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Suda 51's Killer is Dead Information Released by Famitsu

Goichi Suda Grasshopper Manufacture

Killer is Dead is a game which has been floating around for a while. However, all we really had to go off was some concept art and brief ideas. The latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu had a big real about the game this month which should tantalize interested players.

First, we're learning a bit about the story of the game. You start Killer is Dead as a man named Mondo Zappa. With such an unusual name, the man has some weird traits, such as an arm which can transform into various weapons. He is also a swordfighter who uses his katana to drain blood from enemies. This blood in turn powers up his "augmented" arm.

Mondo is a killer but he isn't alone in his task. The Execution Office that hires him includes a cast of interesting characters, such as a retired killer and a few assistants. Killer is Dead is set to hit Japan this summer for PS3 and 360. No North American release has been announced but with all of Grasshopper Manufacture's latest works coming over, it is doubtful that we won't get this game too.


I hope this game comes to the Wii U. It definitely sounds interesting from what little I know about it.
The graphics seem pretty interesting. I'm waiting for more information about it.
Sounds just about like Killer7 (2). I've heard that game was pretty cool, so this one probably will too! ;)




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