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Tales of Xillia Gets US Trademark

The Tales games are starting to get more consistency in the States, and Tales of Xillia may be an object lesson for that. A day after the trademark was filed in Europe for Tales of Xillia, the same has been done in the United States.

Last week, on March 20th, the Tales of Xillia was registered in Europe, giving strong hints that the latest in the Tales series would be headed there. The day after, last Wednesday, the same was done in the US.

While history will show that the Tales games getting released in the US has been pretty spotty in the past, the recent release of the PS3 remake of the Wii's Tales of Graces and now this implication that we may see Xillia come Stateside, it's probably fair to say that Namco Bandai is starting to see a warmer reception for the series.

A trademark registration isn't a game announcement, so it's very possible that Namco Bandai is just covering their hide for the game, legally-speaking. Either way, this is more hope than we'd seen before for the game, so keep an eye out for an official announcement.


I guess Tales of Graces ƒ did well enough for them to at least trademark it. A lot of people were really wanting this one, not really sure why, but glad to hear it.
I know I was one of them for wanting this over Graces F, I haven't even brought myself to get past the 1hr mark of Graces personally (to be fair, I don't think it's the game's fault, just other ones...). I would like to hope Graces F did well financially (I think it did) so Namco-Bandai is ok with bringing Xillia over. Let's just hope that if it does come overseas they don't randomly make a definite version in Japan (or a Director's Cut version) so I don't feel buyer's remorse like with Vesperia, at least have anything that is too substantial if there was one. Of course, I'd be happy with getting the game either way, but y'know...




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