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Terminal Reality's The Walking Dead Gets First Gameplay Trailer

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Most of us are well aware of Telltale's rendition of The Walking Dead via its episodic adventure game. However, they aren't the only group who has been working with the property. Terminal Reality has been developing a game as well, although one very different from Telltale. Little has been announced aside form it being a FPS focused around the brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon. The Dixons are based off their representations in the TV series.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is being published by Activision and they have not been keen on releasing many details. That changed a bit when a trailer was handed over to Kotaku Australia, and has since proliferated around the net. As there is still not specific release date set for the game, it is unclear as to what state Survival Instinct was at when this video was made.

Why is it even worth saying that? Because, well, the trailer looks like it has some okay concepts but pretty unrefined execution. Perhaps that is just my take on it, though. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is currently set to release in 2012 for PS3, 360, and PC.

Edit: If you haven't already heard, this trailer was revealed to be "fake". Fake as in, not put together by Activision. This is still real footage of the game in its alpha state, but the way the video and music was cobbled together was handled by fans instead. Take that as you will.

View the trailer below and share your opinions in the comments!



Nothing gets me more hyped for a game than screen tearing.
I don't have high hopes for this game, so I am assuming I might pick it up out of a bargain bin one day.
Boy, that sure looks like junk. It's like a modding team of people who don't really like the medium nor the source material got ahold of them and decided to make both suck. I'm not even that big of a TWD fan, but no series should get that treatment (except The Big Bang Theory).
I like how the player has their flashlight on in the middle of the day in one scene.

Anyway, I've never watched TWD or read the comic or played Telltale's game, so I can't say I have any interest in this as a fan, and from watching the gameplay, I don't have any interest as a gamer either. I'll stick with Dead Island for my first-person zombie slaying.
Screen tearing in a gameplay trailer. :]
Telltale actually treated the TWD series with maturity and respect. I don't think Terminal Reality is coming into the game with the same intentions. The animations are shoddy, the walkers look cartoony for no discernible reason, and the visuals and rendering performance are below-average. And this is supposed to be a trailer?




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