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The Internet is Freaking Out About a Half Life Update

Half Life 2 Episode 2 Half Life 3 PC Valve

This morning Half-Life 2: Episode 2 updated along with most of the other games that were developed by Valve. The official reason for this update was to add Big Picture support to Valve's different games.

But then why did Half-Life Episode 2 get a 400MB update while all of the other games measured out at less than 70MB? That's the question everyone on the internet currently wants to know. Normally I would just ignore all this silliness. But there's also the case of the video...

Oh yeah, the extremely cryptic video that was uploaded by Machinima late last night. The video appears to just be a bunch of zeroes and ones flashing across the screen while some very Half-Life-esque music plays. You can view that video right below.


When you put those ones and zeroes through a binary converter however, you get this message. "Our new world order begins'. The description of the video also gives away a date. 12/5/12. I personally don't think it's Half Life 3 related, but go ahead and try and stop the internet hype machine. People are already tearing through the Half Life 2 games looking for any changes.

UPDATE!: As previously suspected. the video isn't related to Half Life. It has been revealed to be a new Machinima show. So at least that mystery was put to bed. Now we just have to wait until people finish digging through Half Life's files.

You can view the official Steam thread where this is all going down below.

The Hype Train


Interesting, but I also somehow doubt it relates to HL3. Though, if it does, that means I have to get started on the games since I haven't even finished Half-Life 2. :\
Remember the hype train for Duke Nukem Forever? Some things might be better left hyped up than actually released lol
Hahha well that was a stupid video Machinma. At least give me a foot of Gordon or something xD

Anyway the "Hype train" for #3 isn't on Duke Level yet. (So old we're glad to see he's not dead but don't know how much hes changed" #3 is at Hype Levle "your 5 hrs late wtf ass"
Music is very Half Life with a bit of NIN.
The Respawn forums are buzzing with the thoughts this will be an announcement from Respawn Entertainment. I personally feel this will have something to do with Machinima and nothing about a major game announcement.
I always hate videos like this because they lead you to believe something huge is being announced and it almost always ends up being something small. Good marketing technique though.




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