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Updated: Square Enix Announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix Final Fantasy Lightning

UPDATE: We've added concept art and the announcement video below.

As the 25th Anniversary Celebration for Final Fantasy kicks off in Japan, Square-Enix broke news of a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2 called Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

This title will mark the end of Lightning's story in the series, reportedly. Series director Motomu Toriyama says that Lightning will be a much stronger character in this game and will face her final battle, so he asked the character designer to convey the "power" in her eyes.

Series producer and showrunner Yoshinori Kitase also noted that the game will be much more active and the world features more interactive environments than before saying that "players can control Lightning as they see fit."

He also brings up how players can customize her outfits, and that not only do they affect her appearance but her abilities as well. The controls and movements will be more extensive here as well, with Lightning being able to hang off ledges, pull herself up, duck behind corners, and even move around during battles.

As far as the world goes, it will be based on four different islands and touches on three different themes: gothic, mechanical, and fantasy. The story will also feature a real-time countdown of sorts, as the world is set to end in 13 days from the game's outset, so Lightning has 13 days and 13 hours to stop it.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is slated to release sometime in 2013 for PS3 and 360. Check out concept art and video footage of the game's announcement (with English captions) at the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Celebration below.



From what I saw I was assuming it was some sort of Majora's Mask type dealy where the timelines are merging and you have a set amount of time to make things right (I couldn't read or understand anything being shown). That sounds alright though. I'll have to play it.
I'm thinking SE is starting to get schizophrenic with their development cycles. This one seems to be coming out way too soon...

I'm thinking SE is starting to get schizophrenic with their development cycles. This one seems to be coming out way too soon...

While others don't seem to be coming out soon enough...*coughVersusXIIIcough*

...I haven't played FFXIII or it's sequel (well, I played a little of the first one, but not much) so I'll be skipping on this. I just wanted to make that shameless plug up there.
13 days, 13 hours, 2013... Man, I sure am seeing the number 13 a lot these days...
Hmm conflicted on whether I would play this because I still haven't played FF13 2 yet. Heard the ending for it wasn't that great so where's the motivation in playing through just to be up to date on the whole storyline.




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