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XSEED is Welcomed onto Steam Starting with Two Ys Games

Have you been itching for some more Japanese games on Steam? Well, good news for you then, since XSEED will begin bringing its published games onto Steam starting on March 19 with the release of Ys: The Oath in Felghana (which will be priced at $14.99).

Ys Origin will also be coming to Steam at a later date and will also be the first time that this particular Ys title will see an English release.

For those unaware of the Ys games, they are action RPGs that have similar gameplay to the older The Legend of Zelda games. So for any RPG fan, these releases onto Steam should be a particular treat.

Are you excited about XSEED games appearing on Steam? What particular title of theirs would you like to see brought onto there?


I've never played Ys at all, so I hope they include a demo for at least one of them.
Can't say I intend to get any of the games, not only because the PC isn't my desired gaming place, but...I've already played/bought the stuff they have currently published that I wanted (of course, there is a lot more I want them to localize but that is another matter). But, I would like them to bring Trails in the Sky on the PC, for the sole basis of bringing more interest in the sequels. I also see no reason why not to since it originally was a PC game like the Ys remakes (Ys Seven is a different story, since that was built as a PSP game from the ground up).

I think Oath of Felghana is probably my favorite of the Ys games I've played (which is only that and seven so far. Lots of people prefer seven though, so I'm weird apparently) so I'm glad to see it getting more exposure, but...I'll be honest and say it's not an easy game and PC gamers will probably need a good controller (or be really comfortable with the arrows keys, I assume) for it since there is some fast paced battles and occasionally some precision platforming. Did I mention the music is awesome too? Well, it is.




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