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Early Access Preview: We Happy Few

According to some, tripping on all manner of drugs can be a wonderful experience. That must be why the alternate-1960’s British city of Wellington Wells doses its citizens on Joy. The seemingly innocuous pill hides the terrifying, no good, very bad “th...

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E3 2016 Hands-on: For Honor

Jul 06 2016 06:00 AM | barrel in Previews, Trailers, and Demos

Ubisoft tends to get quite the reputation for either their endless sequels or titles that might as well just be sequels with their shameless open-world game homogenization. It is for this reason that the multiplayer and melee-focused action title, For...

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E3 2016 Hands-on: Gravity Rush 2

Jul 05 2016 06:00 AM | barrel in Previews, Trailers, and Demos

The original Gravity Rush was easily one of my favorite Vita releases. Sure, it was recently ported to PS4 as Gravity Rush Remastered, and, in doing so, lost its former exclusivity along with many other Vita releases. That said, there is something real...

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E3 2016 Hands-on: Fate Extella: The Umbral Star

Jun 29 2016 06:00 AM | barrel in Previews, Trailers, and Demos

Understanding Fate/Stay Night as a series is about as bizarre as explaining how many creative liberties it takes for the legendary historical figures within it. For example, a gender-swapped King Arthur is the poster child of the series. That said, she...

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E3 2016 Hands-on: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

It’s not quite Kingdom Hearts III, but 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is the closest series fans are going to get to the real thing, for a while. I’m not sure where to begin when trying to describe this game (particularly its naming conventions) to folks t...

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E3 2016 Hands-on: Dragon Quest Builders

My love for Dragon Quest is infamous in certain circles. I bounced around the room like a game of racquetball when Nintendo announced that Dragon Quest VII and VIII on 3DS were finally coming West. As much as I pined for those games to leave Japan for...

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E3 2016 Hands-on: Bound

Jun 24 2016 06:00 AM | barrel in Previews, Trailers, and Demos

I knew next to nothing about Bound prior to playing it this year at E3. My reason for going to the Sony booth was specifically to play Gravity Rush 2 but -- amidst the sea of mostly familiar sequels -- the PS4 title Bound immediately caught my eye for...

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