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Independence Day 2015: Top 10 Indie Games of the Past Year

Indie Games Independence Day 2015 Top 10 YouTube Video

Happy 4th of July, gamers! Or… You know, whatever day it is, for those of you not watching this on Independence Day. As gamers, what better way to celebrate the day of America’s independence than with independent games? We’ve seen tons of indies since last year’s day of independence, from that one people won’t shut up about to a few that perhaps you don’t even know about. So join us at Game Podunk as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Indie Games of the Past Year.



Do you agree with our list? What indie games released after last Independence Day would YOU throw on this list? Be sure to tell us down below. Have an idea for a list you'd like to see us use? Leave that below as well, and we might just pick it up. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel, of course.


Cool list :) I either have or want most of the games on it. I got Invisible inc the day it hit steam and I love it. Duck game the best game I got directly from the awesome game dev before it hit steam so I could help him beta test it before release and when it came out he gave it to me for free. Landon is suck a cool dude.





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