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10 Reasons to Play 10 Second Ninja

Marcus Estrada

You may have noticed a little game by the name of 10 Second Ninja pop up on Steam recently. Playing as a ninja clad in blue, you must defeat the army of machines that serve Robot Hitler. Yes, that“s what this game is really about.


If you“ve been on the fence about whether the $9.99 game is worth it then read our ten reasons that make it an excellent way burn copious hours of time.




1. Easy to understand gameplay


When your time to play video games is limited, you generally want a game that is immediately playable without an encyclopedia of knowledge. 10 Second Ninja excels at this. All you have to do is demolish robot enemies on each stage before the time runs out. As the name so plainly states, you“ve got ten seconds in which to accomplish the goal!



2. Simple controls


If a game is going to force you to complete a task in such a brief period of time it had better not throw complex controls at you. That“s exactly the case here. You can jump, slash with a sword, and throw shurikens as you run around each stage. And since it supports keyboard or controller you can play in your preferred way without issues.



3. If you want, you could beat it really quickly


Well, the game is all about completing every stage in less than ten seconds, so this just logically follows. For someone like me who has little time to dedicate to any one game at a time, this is honestly a blessing. With that said, you are prevented from accessing new areas until you prove to be at least a semi-competent ninja.



4. Tough to master


Each stage grades players based on how speedy their performance is from one to three stars. While it“s often not difficult to squeeze in just under ten seconds, getting much lower often seems impossible. Try a stage five, ten, or even twenty times and maybe you“ll finally get a coveted perfect score!






5. The difficulty is addicting


You know how I just barely mentioned how 10 Second Ninja has the capacity to be short? Yeah, it does, but good luck keeping it from luring you in completely. Stages seem so simple that they beg for perfect scores. Of course, getting them can take hours a time (especially if you dare to try and perfect all forty stages). The exhilaration of finally completing a tough stage feels much better than it has any right to.



6. Gloat (or hide in shame) from friends also playing


Every stage in the game is tracked so your stats can go up on the leaderboards. As more of your friends get the game, you will be able to mock their pitiful scores. Or, in my case, have friends laugh at my sloth-like skills. In any case, it can be a lot of fun trying to match a buddy“s score.



7. Irreverent narrative


You know, even if there weren“t a story adorning 10 Second Ninja it would have still been a fun game. But when you consider how inane the plotline is (Robot Hitler and his robot army, really?!), it lends an extra something to the atmosphere. It is still a bit creepy to see swastikas emblazoned on the robot bodies, though.



8. Good practice for wannabe speedrunners


Okay, so speedrunners tend to focus on specific games to work with, but this one might help get you situated in that mindset if you“re interested. It is built around speed and even allows players room to experiment with finding less obvious but more efficient paths to victory. That“s similar to how speedrunners seek new routes and glitches to cut down seconds of time.






9. Tremendous value for your money


By looking at my prior comments you already know that the game doesn“t necessitate tons of playtime if you don“t want to put it in. However, those who already know they love to achieve perfect scores, kick butt on leaderboards, obtain all achievements, and the like will have 10 hours or more sunk into 10 Second Ninja before finally completing it. That works out to $1 per hour of gameplay, which seems very reasonable.



10. Seriously, I can“t stop playing it!


At the time of this writing I have yet to finish 10 Second Ninja. I“m not particularly skilled at playing, even after retrying stages over 20 times. Despite this fact, there“s something about the pick-up-and-play gameplay combined with a requirement for speed that urges me to keep trying. And failing. And trying some more. It“s a vicious cycle and I adore it.


So there you have it! 10 Second Ninja is a game about a little ninja who has to clear stages in under ten seconds. It“s difficult and silly but also a tremendous amount of fun. Give it a look and see if its diabolical inner workings get you hooked.

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