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3 Tips to Increase Your Odds of Winning Playstation Blog's Community Spotlight $50 PSN Voucher


Sony has been running an awesome promotion right under our noses for the last few months and all they want from you is a Playstation-themed story from your life. In return, they'll give you a $50 PSN card... if you get selected to appear on their website.


While that might sound difficult, it really isn't. Sure there are some rules you have to follow (both written and unsaid) but as long as you stick to my guide, you'll be appearing on the Playstation Blog in no time... and being $50 richer for it.



Length Is Important!


The contest itself doesn't really have that many rules actually written down. The only two main ones (which are both the most ignored) are that you post a link to your story in the thread instead of posting the story in the thread itself, and keep it to a certain length.




Not too long, not too short. Three inches should do it!


The recommended max length is five thousand letters, but it isn't a solid rule. I've seen people win with a bit more, but when you start going into the tens of thousands you've clearly gone past the invisible limit. This isn't usually a problem though. I usually only see one or two posts that go on for a bit longer than they should.


No, the real problem comes from the stories that are too short. Now let me get things straight; these aren't bad stories by any means, its just that they don't have the meat necessary to make it on the Playstation Blog. They're looking for stories, not a single paragraph! It might not be easy at first, but find a way to flesh your story out a bit. It seems the lowest you can go is three paragraphs, but a bit more is preferred.



The Content Of Your Story


Alright, so now you've got your four or five paragraphs worked out and written down on the page. Here's what you do now. Proofread it. There might be spelling mistakes your computer missed. While these aren't all that serious due to people editing it before it goes up on the blog, a lot of spelling errors could get you passed over, so it helps to be sure you did things right.


Another thing that people's stories seem to suffer from on the Playstation Blog contest page is something I'm going to dub "Bookreport-itus." Go ahead and read a few of them. It comes out like some 7th grade book report! Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. But if you breath some life into your story, it'll go a very long way.




It might look nice, but if its filled with crap then nobody will want it


I shouldn't even have to mention this next point, but I see it happen so often that I just have to bring it up. No matter how much you think it'll help your story, DO NOT mention other consoles. Keep any opinion you have of the other consoles to yourself, because you will not get on the blog if you mention them.


The reason for this is because this is the official Playstation Blog. Any mention of a competitor's console, no matter how bad you think it is, will only stand to make Sony look bad in some way. I can't repeat this enough! Don't mention any other console, new or old that has competed against Sony!



Keep It Current


Now by keeping it current, I don't mean just talk about things that are being released right now for the Playstation. I mean, I wrote a story about playing a PS1 game throughout the decades. That immediately goes against my whole "keep it current" shtick, right? Well actually, no it doesn't.




Back in my day we had to walk fifteen miles to recharge our batteries!


In my story I also brought up the fact that I rebought the PS1 title off of the PSN store so I could continue playing it on my PS3 and PSP whenever I wanted. Boom, totally current central! To top it all off, I left a recommendation for a game I enjoyed that tied in with my story that could currently be bought right now.


Again, none of these things I mentioned above are absolutely necessary (except for the whole no competitor's console part; seriously, don't do that) but I should also mention that I've won the contest and helped another person win by explaining to them exactly what I told you in this guide. So there's that.


Good luck everybody. And as always, thanks for reading!

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