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4 Game Releases That Went Worse Than You Thought


Things don't always go as planned. Everyone on Earth should know this after a few years. While things usually aren't too disastrous for us when a plan doesn't come together, the same thing can't be said about poor old game developers. There's a million different things to worry about when you go into producing a game, and just about any mistake can potentially ruin you.


Whether its the deadline, overlooked bugs, or even something as simple as where your marketing team decided to hold the launch party for your game, you need to remember that anything can go wrong. While there are plenty of games that have gone through the process of bad releases, here are just four to remind you about how bad things can go.



Lair Is Ruined By Ghosts And Review Guides


Back when the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii first launched, motion control was still a pretty big deal. It was also still in its early experimental phase. This would prove to be disastrous for the Playstation exclusive, Lair. You might have heard about it at one point. It was the game that relied almost entirely on the still brand new six axis controller for movement.




Pack it up everyone. Things don't get much worse than this.


It was not well received. Not at all. When the reviews started pouring in, the developers behind Lair noticed something odd. Most of the reviews were pretty gosh darn low. To combat these low reviews, the marketing team behind the game sent out a guide to different reviewers explaining to them how to review their game.


It was really unfortunate seeing as Lair looked like a good enough game, but it goes deeper than just bad reviews. Things got... PARANORMAL! That's right, the game was haunted from the very beginning. An interview with one of the lead directors of the game revealed that the development for the game was scarred by frequent injuries in the development team, power outages during key moments of development, and the game's presentations being too screwed up to be included at E3 when the PS3 was revealed.


T'was motion control and ghosts that killed the beast.



No More Heroes Has A Very Awkward Launch


Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture aren't exactly known for being a mainstream development group so it wasn't too much of a shock when the launch party for the game didn't go exactly as most launch parties tend to go. Goichi Suda and the game's producer, Yasuhiro Wada, both showed up to sell the game to the waiting masses and hand out toilet paper with each purchase. So far so good.




They're just super stoked about all this extra toilet paper they get to keep.


Problem was nobody showed up. While it is possible that the launch event wasn't advertised as much as it should have been, its hard to argue against just how awkward everything played out. As you can see from the image above, they had plenty of special edition toilet paper to give out. Word is they didn't get a single buyer until twenty minutes after they set up shop, and that was a from a game journalist.



Anarchy Reigns Is Out Now (But Not Really)


This game isn't even out yet in the States and things aren't going as planned already. As you may or may not be aware, Anarchy Reigns is already out in Japan under the title Max Anarchy. While it isn't odd for a Japanese game to release in it's home country before it reaches foreign territory, Anarchy Reigns is a totally different beast.


Anarchy will reign as soon as we finish filling out the required forms


The reason being that it has been fully translated. All of the voices can be switched to English along with all of the menus and subtitles too. You can download the demo off of the Japanese store right now and play it without any problems whatsoever. Despite all of this, the game still won't be reaching American shelves until next year at the earliest.


You could import the game right now and have it beaten months before the rest of the country if you're willing to drop nearly double what the game will cost at retail, but I'm pretty sure most people can just wait for it to release state side. Why the game is being held up for so long isn't exactly known, but it can't help to wait so long.



Rockstar Makes A Dud With Bully: Scholarship Edition



Its hard to comprehend, but Rockstar has made some mistakes with its big AAA titles. Of course they're few and far between, but they've never screwed up as badly as they did when they launched Bully: Scholarship Edition for the Xbox 360. While I never played it due to having the Playstation 2 version of the game, the launch was apparently marred with glitches and bugs.




Couldn't get a picture of a patch being delayed, so here's the Bully logo


Certain classes wouldn't work, audio went in and out, and the graphics wouldn't load correctly. Rockstar tried to get a patch out quickly to solve the game-breaking bugs, but due to Microsoft's certification policy, the patch was delayed for nearly two whole weeks leaving players helpless against the errors.


Eventually the patch did release and people were finally able to play their game, but there are still murmurs of glitches and bugs plaguing people's games even to this day. While the Xbox 360 version wasn't the best Bully had to offer, the horrible glitches probably didn't help matters at all. A rare black mark on Rockstar's record.


Obviously you can't win every time. But sometimes you can just lose so bad that people remember it for years to come. What are some other launch events that ended up way worse than they should have? Why not post about them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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