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4 Moments In Gaming That Absolutely Nobody Can Explain


Video games are clearly magic. This is a fact. No matter how many hours you can play of a game without any interruptions, someone will just happen to walk in during that one moment where things are at their most awkward. And no matter how hard you might try to explain it, there's just no way you'll be able to get it across in words without looking extremely weird.


While there are plenty of instances that people are familiar with, the laughing scene from Final Fantasy X and the mission in Metal Gear Solid 2 where you play completely naked just to name a few, there are still plenty more we can talk about. Now for your reading entertainment, here are four more instances you need to worry about.




Metal Gear Solid 3: Ocelot's Cries


When it comes to the Metal Gear Solid series, there are about a million awkward scenes for someone to walk in on at the wrong time. Certain ones can be explained, like just why Raiden is jumping around naked and why there's a woman in a skin tight body suit crawling around on the ground moaning.




Well, I can't take him seriously anymore


But then there's the scene in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater where Ocelot calls in his men to attack you. While that sounds like it should be straight forward enough, Kojima found a way to make it one of the most awkward scenes in the series. You see, the way he calls his men is by meowing... like an ocelot.


And it isn't like it is one quick meow. He does the movements and everything as the meow echos through your soul. It doesn't matter how great the game is, when someone walks into your game room and sees that, they're just going to give up on you as a person. What do you even say to explain that scene? "He was calling... in his friends... He's a cat guy."




Catherine Is Cool With Butt Chases, Are You?


Alright, with Catherine you should have really been ready for anything the game had to offer. I went in expecting sexual themes and all that jazz, but I didn't sign up for no butt monsters that wanted to eat me. No sir, I did not prepare for that. And honestly, how could anyone prepare for something so strange?




Deep down, everyone is afraid of being eaten by a butt


Now look at that image up there. Hidden behind all that white noise your brain is creating to protect you is one of the strangest monsters in the entire game. It is quite literally a butt with a face attached to it and a few arms thrown in. Did I mention the butt is trying to lick you up as it chases you? When it comes to the game's other bosses, you'll see that each one has a relation to the game's story outside of Vincent's dream world.


While I'm sure this one can be explained as Vincent's perversion or something along those lines, I say good luck to you when you try to tell that to the person who just happened to walk into the room as the butt pulled you into it's mouth with it's tongue while making weird smooching noises. Go ahead and try.




Taking A Trip To Mexico In Red Dead Redemption


Another totally awkward sexual moment to be added to the list. Up until this point in Red Dead Redemption, nothing had surprised me. There was the implied rape, the mass killings, and horrific kidnappings. That was expected when I started my journey as a cowboy in the old west.




Something is gonna rise up, if you catch my drift


What I wasn't ready for, along with the people watching me as I played, was the very sudden full frontal nudity during the Mexican revolution mission. Be honest, did anybody see that coming? Like, at all? Sure it was showing how much of a sexual deviant the character was, but couldn't there have been even a little bit of a warning?


This is one of those surprise moments. I had read spoilers before I played the game (not by choice obviously) but at no point did anybody let me know something like that was coming up. Sex is just sex, but surprise sex with a large Mexican woman in front of a few members of your family is a totally different matter.




Persona 3 And The Evoker


If you haven't played any version of the Persona 3 game, then let me fill you in. In Persona 3, you summon monsters to fight for you with a tool called an Evoker. An Evoker is pretty much just a gun. The characters in the game use this "Evoker" by pointing it at their head and pulling the trigger.




"Did that girl just shoot herself in the head?" Great, now I have to explain two things.


There's a bang, and the person's head jerks to the side. And thus a persona is summoned! Now. Explain that same scenario to a six year old that just happened to walk by while you were in the middle of a fight. And don't even get me started when the main character yells "SATAN!" as he shoots himself in the head.




There are plenty of other moments in gaming that are just as bad, if no worse. Why do people always seem to walk in at just these certain moments? Why is gaming trying to make everyone feel awkward?! Do you have any stories where something similar has happened? Why not post them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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