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5 More Disney Games That Deserve a Revisit


PAX 2013 had some exciting announcements, but there was one in particular that was both shocking and exciting: Capcom's announcement of Duck Tales Remastered. The original Nintendo Duck Tales and its sequels are well made and fondly remembered platformers, so many were excited about the remake's announcement. However, the fact that there hasn't been a Duck Tales game in about twenty years makes this announcement come from pretty much nowhere.


Still, this announcement gives us hope: If Duck Tales can get a remake after all these years, what about some of the other great Disney games that were released in the past? Let's look at five more Disney titles that deserve another visit.







The Aladdin games are nothing short of great. They may be very difficult, and sometimes have weird levels that you can swear aren't in context with the movie, but they're a blast to play... and even the graphics still stand up well to this day.


So, you might be asking... why even remake them if they're fine as is? The answer is quite simple... to work the two very different games into a compilation, or even a super Aladdin game. The Super Nintendo and Genesis versions were created by two different teams, and ended up being two completely different games. Although they're separately great in their own right, why not spruce them up a bit and give the Aladdin 16-bit games a revisit they deserve?



The Lion King




Maybe I'm being a little biased with this selection... but The Lion King is my favorite movie. Ever. It was only natural my parents would buy this game for me when I was a kid. As much as I was terrible at it then, playing it now seems like a blast. The Lion King, at the very least, if a solid platformer that lets you experience Simba's life... and the movie is a timeless classic, so what's not to like?


Unfortunately, unlike Aladdin, the Genesis and Super Nintendo versions of the game are the same, and since the game is closely based on the movie, there isn't much room to expand on anything... but for most fans, a simple remaster much like Duck Tales would be more than enough. I hope you're listening, WayForward!



Mickey Mousecapade




This is where the rain of awesome Disney games all started. Mickey Mousecapade might look outdated and bland compared to the other Disney offering, but that's all the more reason it deserves a remake. It's a bit scant on the gameplay, but just think of the possibilities of expansion! Mickey Mousecapade would be leagues better with a little modernization.


Picture it now: More levels! More side paths! Updated and beautiful graphics! Music that may not loop so quickly! Sounds like a great homage to the beginning of the Disney games legacy.



Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!




Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! is sort of the oddball here. Magic Wands is actually part of the Crazy Castle series, a series of puzzle games starring Mickey Mouse... in Japan. In the US, most of the games were re-skinned and released with Bugs Bunny (or the Ghostbusters) instead. To complicate matters further, in Europe some games were released with the original protagonist, some with Bugs Bunny, and one of the Crazy Castle games even had Garfield as the main character.


Crazy re-skinnings aside, the Crazy Castle series is pretty solid, and Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands! is the fifth in the overall great series. It's a short game, but the puzzle aspects and platforming is sure to strike a chord with the nostalgic audience. Perhaps even a developer can make a compilation some of the games with their original protagonist?



The Little Mermaid




The Little Mermaid, much like Mickey Mousecapade, is one of the earlier Capcom/Disney ventures, so it doesn't look as grand as Aladdin or The Lion King. However, this Disney game has aged a bit better than its other original Nintendo companion, and as such would be a bit easier for a developer to remake.


Unlike the other Disney games based on movies, The Little Mermaid does something a little different. Instead of playing through the scenes of the movie itself in game form, this Disney platformer instead makes its own storyline: Right before getting married, Ariel learns of Ursula taking over the ocean and doing bad things, so she turns back into a mermaid and goes to stop her. I know it isn't groundbreaking, but it helps in establishing something a little different than the 'play the movie' game style.


Wait... can this really be called a platformer if you're swimming the whole time? Darn water levels...



There's plenty of room for remakes in our current gaming world, especially with digital distribution getting rid of the need to put games in a physical form. I'm hoping that Duck Tales Remastered is only the beginning of the Disney HD remake waves... there are plenty of other great games that deserve their own revisit!


What other older (or even newer) Disney games do you fondly remember? Any other Disney games you'd like to see remade? Let me know in the comments below!

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