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5 Video Game Franchises That Need To Rise From The Dead


Let's just face it - there are games we've all been wanting to play even though we know they'll probably never be released. Every big gaming convention goes by, and a little bit more salt gets poured into our gaming wounds. Yet each and every year is the year we hope those specific games are going to be announced.


We can't help but hope for their release. Whether it is because we've invested so much time into the originals, or because we've been through so much with the main character, and we just so badly want to see how it all ends.


I can easily think up a hundred different games I'd like to see in the future, but for this article we'll keep it down to five.



TimeSplitters IV


When it came to the TimeSplitters series, many nights were wasted hurling bricks at monkeys with my friends and running from infected AI players on giant levels trying not to get touched by them in some sort of precursor to the zombie craze that hit in the late 2000's. It was a fun time had by all, but now with a full generation nearing it's end, one has to wonder - just where did TimeSplitters go?


Well there are plenty of valid explanations. The company that made the TimeSplitters series, Free Radical Design, started off their next gen game development with a little game called Haze. For reasons probably unrelated to Haze, the company went into financial administration and was bought up by Crytek.




Its probably for the best. I killed way too many monkeys.


After the buyout, TimeSplitters IV was canceled and the company then helped work on Crysis 2 and has now apparently started work on Homefront 2. Fans had constantly asked the company about a possible TimeSplitters IV being announced, but they were all shot down. A fan page on Facebook was opened up in an attempt to get 100,000 members to show their support for TimeSplitters IV, but so far nothing has come from it.


While a new sequel being announced isn't completely out of the question, I wouldn't hold my breath. Crytek seems to think the game would never be able to pull in the numbers to make it a success, no matter how much the fans beg them for it. But there's always that hope that drives people forward!



Shenmue III


Shut up, everybody wants this game to happen. At one point it was even in production as an MMO. We got a freaking trailer for it and everything. While I'm glad the MMO idea didn't pan out seeing as an MMO is no way to end a trilogy, I hate the fact that we haven't heard anything about the game since that one trailer released roughly one hundred years ago.


While I, along with the rest of the gaming world, have been dying for an ending for so many years, there is actually a reason SEGA won't give it to us. The death of the Shenmue trilogy is one of the things keeping SEGA alive. Even during SEGA's more financial years, Shenmue was a huge drain on the company.






With a development budget of around 40-50 million dollars for each game in the series, it was the most expensive game ever developed in it's time. With SEGA practically bleeding money with the Dreamcast, there was no way they could afford the budget of a third game in the series.


Now that the damage is done and SEGA is merely a software company, they have to play it close to the chest. If they make another big budget game and it ends up failing when it hits retailers, it could actually kill the company. Finishing the Shenmue series could ruin SEGA for good. So, essentially they're stuck. Either they go all in and hope for the best, or they make a subpar game with a limited budget and it fails anyway, tarnishing the game forever.


The best possible scenario would be SEGA either selling off the IP or just plain getting bought out by another company. But even then that wouldn't automatically mean we'd get a new Shenmue game, as evidenced by Crytek buying out Free Radical Design. Either way, I'll still keep my fingers crossed for a new entry in the series.



Pokemon Snap 2


I just love games that are jam packed with secrets. The ability to replay the same levels over and over again, finding more and more new stuff every time I play is one of my most beloved features. But the games that do it right are so few and far between it hurts me physically every time I pop in a new game that does it wrong.




Noo, don't take our picture! Neither of us have makeup on!


One of those games that did it perfectly was Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64. You rode on a trail with a few random items and you took pictures of Pokemon. That was pretty much it. But each level was filled to the gills with secrets. Performing certain actions in certain areas could trigger new encounters in levels you already completed. You would need a strategy guide to figure everything out.


And now that the Wii U is nearing release, it seems more than obvious that the game should finally get a sequel. First of all, duh, the Wii U's controller is perfect for the type of game Pokemon Snap is. Secondly, Pokemon games freaking print money for Nintendo. And finally, people loved the Pokemon Snap game. So why aren't we getting a new one? WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY BE WORKING ON THAT IS BETTER?!



Dungeon Keeper 3


This is one of those super impossible ones that will never work for so many reasons, but I'll never stop hoping for it's eventual release. Dungeon Keeper was a game series where you built and maintained dungeons (surprise!) You would build it in certain ways to attract different types of monsters. There was an economy, and you had to keep your monsters happy and fight off those pesky heroes.


And it was great. In fact, i would say it was even super great. I don't usually like to play these sorts of games, but the company behind the series just knew how to make me love their games. Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, and Startopia. All pretty much the same type of game, but all great in their own ways.




"The time has cometh." Just... Not yet.


Bull Frog seemed to think they were pretty great as well. So great, in fact, they included a trailer for Dungeon Keeper 3 with every copy of Dungeon Keeper 2. Unfortunately, not everyone seemed to love them as much as I did, and they were dissolved into the powerhouse company that was EA. AND THEN EA KILLED THEM.


Well not so much killed them as totally stopped working on any of the games they were working on, including Dungeon Keeper 3. All of their games then fell out of the limelight and weren't actually supported on newer operating systems until Green Man Gaming stepped in and brought the games back from the dead.


While there could always be a chance of a new Dungeon Keeper in the future, all signs point towards a big fat no. The reason why is because of a recently released game called Dungeons. A spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, Dungeons was supposed to be everything we wanted in a new Dungeon Keeper game. Spoilers, it wasn't and it pretty much sealed the series' fate right there.



Sim Earth 2


Imagine if Spore was on the Super Nintendo. Now imagine instead of playing as one set species, you actually played as the planet itself. That was pretty much what Sim Earth was. You were given a boiling hot rock and told to make it sustain life. You did this by causing volcanoes and sending meteorites down at the planet to help cool it down.




Trust me, this is edge of your seat stuff here


Eventually after a few hours of playing, you would have the first forms of life splashing about in the ocean. From then on out you pretty much just sat back and watched evolution happen. While that sounds boring, it was actually quite fun. It was kind of like having sea monkeys, but at the same time there was that possibility they would kill their planet with nukes.


For some reason, Spore was unable to capture this same feeling of amazement. The dominant species would always be the one you made. You never had the chance to actually watch over your planet either. The whole game was just one enclosed single player game. Nothing on your planet really mattered and their was never a feeling of discovery no matter how far out into space you traveled.


And that is why we'll never get a true sequel to Sim Earth. Spore missed the mark by so much that I'm doubtful any company (especially one like EA) would ever take the chance on a new Sim Earth, and if they did, odds are they would just end up making another Spore. I would love to get an updated version, but if that is all we have to look forward to we might be better off with the old version.



There are plenty of game series out there that deserve to be brought back into the limelight, but these ones specifically are the ones I'm dying to see again even though I know it'll probably never happen. What are some game series you want brought back from the grave? why not post about them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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