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6 Video Game Soundtracks You Need To Own


I enjoy music, like most people on Earth. But I wouldn't say I'm a music aficionado. I'm not going to go out and spend $300 on a headset because I'm not crazy, but I have been known to purchase a game soundtrack or two (dozen) when I find them for reasonable prices.


I've sat and listened to hours worth of game sound tracks in my time, and I've decided to list a few of my favorites. Hopefully you'll agree with me and end up buying them yourselves. If not, then I understand. WE CAN'T ALL HAVE GOOD TASTE, I GUESS!







The Catherine OST Has Class


Throughout this list, you'll probably see me mention just how difficult it was to choose one soundtrack over the other quite a number of times. And here's your first one. When deciding on Catherine's OST, I was really considering Persona 4 instead. Just watch the new opening to Persona 4: The Golden.




The game's music just oozes swag. But I had to give it to Catherine this time based entirely on just how much weight the soundtrack carried through the game. Every stage was a battle and the music fit everything perfectly. Especially when the main character Vincent became more and more confident. You really felt like things were getting better when the music picked up. You should still be able to get the soundtrack if you order the game new off of Amazon, but there are no guarantees.





Jet Set Radio Gets An Update


Jet Set! Jet Set! JET SET RRRRRAAAAAADDDDIIIOOOOOO! It is hard to believe, but the last major Jet Set game released over a decade ago. There are kids playing online today that think the new Jet Set Radio HD releasing soon is actually a new game series! Disgusting!




When it comes to the whacky and hip soundtrack that was attached to the Jet Set series, only one other series can really compare. The incredibly strange Katamari series has always been known for their hilariously upbeat and catchy songs, but I had to give this spot to Jet Set because of the series' much anticipated revival.


You see, not all of the original game's soundtracks can be brought over to the remake due to copyrights and contracts. While it is certainly a bit of a drag, you can still listen to the original tracks online at websites like Youtube. While I'm not entirely sure where you can buy a ten year old games OST, I would highly recommend buying it if you find it.





Final Fantasy XIII Smashes Final Fantasy XIII-2


I've been on a bit of a Final Fantasy binge as of late. When I start playing an RPG, I simply must complete it in one go. If I stop playing one for a week or two I'll usually forget what I'm doing and the game ends up taking me ages to complete.


Because of this, I've only played Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 this month. In that time, I've definitely chosen a favorite OST out of the two games. Here's a hint, it isn't the one with extremely out of place heavy metal music.




I don't often outright hate a soundtrack, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 has been trying really hard. Riding a chocobo? HORRIBLE "ROCK" MUSIC! Fighting a boss? MORE ROCK MUSIC! YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO ENJOY THIS BATTLE!


It isn't all bad in XIII-2 though. There are some decent tunes to be had, but nowhere near the caliber of Final Fantasy XIII's OST. The music that plays on the title screen is more memorable than any XIII-2 music I've heard, and the boss music really let you know stuff was going down while you fought. It wasn't just random jibberish being yelled into a trashcan like in XIII-2.





Metal Gear Solid 3 Is The Best The Series Has To Offer


This was another really difficult choice for me. Each Metal Gear Solid game has an amazing soundtrack, and they each have their highs and their lows. Even the MGS games released released on the PSP have had amazing soundtracks too.




But when it comes down to it, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater had the absolute most memorable soundtrack. Sure, most people can hum along to the series' main theme, but when it comes to the separate game themes there is no comparison.


Everyone knows the Snake Eater song. Everyone. Even if the person has never heard it before, they'll be able to sing along. And then there is the ending theme. MGS4 had a pretty emotional song, but that was because it was the end of an era. MGS3 was emotional on a whole different level. Way to Fall was the perfect closer after the events of MGS3.





Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Is The End Of An Era


While not everyone enjoyed Silent Hill: Shattered Memories due to it's odd departure from the usual formula that the Silent Hill series had followed up that point, there is one thing people simply cannot argue. The soundtrack was 100% Silent Hill.




And that is why Shattered Memories made my list. It was the last game in the series to have a soundtrack composed by Akira Yamaoka, the man who was there since the very beginning. There were quite a few people who actually thought Silent Hill would crash and burn without him.


While Silent Hill is still chugging along, it is obvious something is missing when you play Downpour. The new composer isn't bad by any means, but it is an obvious difference from past games in the series. And really, WHY DID THEY HAVE KORN DO A SONG?! WHY!?





The Honorable Mention And The Worst Of The Bunch


Before I close this article out, I wanted to give a quick recommendation and a short rant. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West had an absolutely amazing soundtrack. It is a shame the game went under so many people's radar for plenty of reasons, the OST is just one of them. You really should give either the game or the soundtrack a try.




Now for the rant. Just Cause 2. I recently gave this game a try after getting it for free from the Playstation Plus deal. It is fun and all, but there is literally only one or two songs in the entire game. When you're driving or flying around you need some music to listen to! I hated how I would be driving for ten minutes to some mission in complete silence. Then I would play the mission in complete silence as well.




There are plenty of other great soundtracks floating around in the world, but at the moment these are the few select soundtracks I just keep coming back to. What are some of your favorite video game OSTs? Why not mention them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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