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Can't Decide What Club Nintendo 2015 Platinum/Gold Rewards to Get? Here Are GP's Recommendations

Jason Clement

Nintendo's final Platinum and Gold reward gifts for Club Nintendo members have finally been detailed today, and as expected, they are indeed more downloadable games.


The actual list may be a bit overwhelming to consider for many, however, so we at GP are here to lend a helping hand!


In order to help you decide which is the best game for you to choose, here's a look at a breakdown of their cost value as well as recommendations.




Let's start at the top.


The very biggest value proposition here is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, which still has a listed MSRP of $49.99, though you can occasionally get it for $40-45 if you look hard enough. Even still, this is the most bang for your buck, especially for a free game.


It was also one of the highest scoring games on Metacritic last year (at an 83) and managed to snag a spot on GP's Top 10 Games of 2014 list, as well as making the #2 spot on my own personal list. Tropical Freeze also has a wealth of content to play through, which should keep you occupied for a good amount of time (especially if you try to 100% it).




If you own a Wii U and missed this title last year, definitely consider going with this one for your Platinum gift unless you dislike platformers and/or if Donkey Kong Country hasn't done anything for you in the past.





Animal Crossing: New Leaf, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Mario Kart 7 are all on sale for $15 at Target (in-store only) at the time of this publication.


All three have significant replay value (especially ACNL and Mario Kart 7), though if you've not been too interested in past New Super Mario Bros. games, you can safely skip New Super Mario Bros. 2 since it isn't all that different. Check out our full review of that title for further information.




Choose only if you really want one of these three and don't want to spend $15 on them.





You can buy Mario Golf: World Tour routinely for around $30 or under in stores and online. If you wait long enough, you might even find it for $15-20 during one of Target's big sales at some point this year.


Mechanically, World Tour is a great Mario Golf game (possibly the best), and while its online play is a lot of fun, its campaign is also lacking a bit in comparison to previous Mario Golf handheld games. Check out our full review of the game for more info.




Choose only if really enjoy golf and/or Mario Golf games and nothing else appeals to you on this list.





According to Metacritic, Mario Party: Island Tour is the second-lowest scored game in the series next to Mario Party Advance. You can regularly buy it on Amazon and other retailers for $20-30.




Choose only if you LOVE Mario Party games and know what you're getting yourself into. Otherwise there are much better games on this list.





Yoshi's New Island is a solid return to the Yoshi's Island series. It might be a little bit easy early on, but it picks up later on and is largely enjoyable, even if it doesn't quite reach the heights of the original SNES game.


You can regularly buy it for anywhere from $30-$40 in-stores and online; it also occasionally goes on sale for $15-20 at certain stores throughout the year.




Choose if you enjoyed past Yoshi's Island games and/or either have most of or aren't interested in other games on the list.





NES Remix 2 and Ultimate NES Remix are both solid games. NES Remix 2 features some more popular NES games that weren't in the original NES Remix. Ultimate NES Remix actually is a compilation containing NES Remix 1 and 2, but it's downsized for 3DS.


NES Remix 2 is priced at $14.99 on the Wii U eShop while Ultimate NES Remix retails for $29.99.




If you have a 3DS, Ultimate NES Remix is the clear better choice due to its inclusion of both games, though the visual quality is a bit better on Wii U. If you only have a Wii U, NES Remix 2 is a solid choice if you already own or aren't interested in most of the other games on the list.





Pushmo, Crashmo, and Pushmo World are all delightful puzzle games with a lot of content to play through. The original Pushmo is considered a classic on 3DS, and Crashmo is an even more complex, if tougher, version of the game. Pushmo World is the series' first venture onto Wii U and is a solid outing.


Of the three, Pushmo has the highest Metacritic score at 90. Pushmo is $6.99, Crashmo is $8.99, and Pushmo World is $9.99 on the eShop. If you want more info, check out our official review of Pushmo.




If you've never played any of the games, Pushmo is the best and most user-friendly. If you've played and liked Pushmo, Crashmo is a great follow-up to go with. If you only have a Wii U, Pushmo World is a great rendition of the game to choose, though perhaps only if you're not interested in any of the other games on the list.





Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Punch-Out!! are two great Wii games that are now on Wii U. The former was a Game of the Year contender for many websites and outlets back in 2010.


Both titles can be bought for $19.99 on the Wii U eShop.




If you haven't played it yet and love Mario games, Super Mario Galaxy 2 should not be missed. Punch-Out!! is a great choice too, but only if you already have or are not interested in most of the other games on the list.





Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! has a Metacritic score of 63 and was considered generally underwhelming upon its release.




Skip it





The rest are Virtual Console titles that mostly depend on your personal tastes. If you haven't played any of them, the highest value proposition is offered by the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, which both offer their own separate, extensive campaigns.


Metroid Fusion, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Advance Wars, and Warioware are all other great GBA games to check out as well if you have a Wii U.




Choose one of these ONLY if you're a gold member and/or if you have mostly everything else. Otherwise, see the suggestions above.



Did you make it to Gold or Platinum on Club Nintendo? Let us know which game you ended up choosing!

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