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Covering The Case Of Capcom's Many Mistakes And Screw Ups In Recent Years


Assuming there is a gaming themed dictionary somewhere out in the world, I can guarantee you that the current description underneath Capcom is a slur of curse words and lewd drawings, and if things keep going the way they are in the Capcom offices...then that is the legacy they will surely be leaving behind.


Whether its the extreme misuse of DLC, their knack for cancelling high profile games for little to no reason, or their fetish for releasing new versions of a game less than a year after the first version came out, Capcom will eventually be heralded as the villain of the gaming industry. While those are all great things to discuss, this article is about Capcom's more lighthearted screw-ups. Namely their awful track record with cover art.






IGN Has Okami's Back... Literally


Okami was a wonderful little PS2 game released in 2006. While it didn't exactly make a whole lot of money for Capcom, it was still considered one of the best games of the year by different gaming review sites. Making use of a "Celestial Paint Brush" throughout gameplay, Okami seemed destined to be brought to the Nintendo Wii at some point. That point was two years later in the magical year of 2008. While it didn't exactly make the best use of the Wii motion controller, it was still a pretty solid game.




While Capcom had egg on it's face, they did manage to ship out replacement art to those wanting the image removed


It wasn't until after the game was released that a few keen eyed observers noticed something oddly familiar on the Wii title's cover art. Yep, that up there next to Amaterasu's mouth is the IGN logo. How could something so strange actually make it on the cover art?


Was it put in as a nod to IGN for making Okami game of the year in 2006? Or was it the result of a prank? The answer is no to both assumptions. It was merely the result of tired artists using stock images of the game without realizing there was an IGN watermark on some of them.






Super Street Fighter IV AE For The Xbox?!


I'm sure a large amount of you reading this article have Street Fighter IV in some shape or form. I mean, there are plenty of forms to choose from. But odds are you don't have SSFIVAE for the Xbox! The main reason for that is because it wasn't released for the Xbox, but you can't let things like details get in your way. Because despite not being released for the Xbox, some copies of the game seem to think they belong on the older console.




They released alternate art to fix this mistake, but you had to print it out this time instead of getting it mailed.


Yes, some copies of the Xbox 360 version of the game came in the usual green packaging you've grown accustomed to, but with the easy to miss missing detail that is the 360 title. When I first saw the images of the case last year, I honestly didn't even notice the mistake. It had to be pointed out to me. but the fact remains, how do you forget to add in the 360? You would think it came connected to the Xbox part of the name automatically!






Someone Has A Revelation (In The Unemployment Line)


Seriously, at this point they're either giving the same graphics designer chance after chance hoping beyond hope that they don't screw things up this time or Capcom is burning through cover artists like they burn through sequels. With a release as big as Revelations, one of the biggest releases on the Nintendo 3DS so far, you would think that they'd have a tight leash on possible errors or mistakes.


Nope! Right on the the spine of the case was one blatantly obvious mistake. Instead of the title of the game, "Revelations," the nonexistent word "Revelaitons" was proudly printed across the side.




And then Ebay got flooded with really over priced copies of the game.


Before the copies had even gone on sale, different review sites were snickering with glee and taking pictures of their press copies to show off to the world. By then though, it was too late. The first shipment was already out and anybody who bought a copy would see the unfortunate spelling error.


Capcom offered to ship out replacement covers to anyone affected and even put up a printable copy for those too lazy to fill out a form. But still, three case errors is the span of no more than five years doesn't exactly make Capcom's quality control look very good.






Capcom's Most Recent Embarrassment


While there has been a lot of hullabaloo over the whole "a bunch of DLC isn't actually DLC but on the disc" firestorm that is taking center stage in the days after Street Fighter x Tekken's release, I don't really want to talk about that. We all have our own opinions on the matter and there are plenty of places where you can argue about it. But the thing Capcom is probably feeling a bit of heat from is the fact that some exclusive characters aren't exactly exclusive.



Well, this is awkward...


A fair number of months ago it was announced that Mega Man and Pac-man would be exclusive characters to the Playstation 3 and Vita versions of SFxT. Its been plastered up on the front page of the Playstation website: "Exclusive characters only available on the Playstation! Order now! Play the Playstation Home version to get a better feel for the game!" Needless to say, Sony has been hyping the game up plenty. Even in commercials, every one I've seen ends with "Play online for free on the PS3!"


After all of this promoting from Sony, and arguments erupting because people in the Xbox community felt it was odd to have those characters as exclusive to the Playstation...somebody found both characters on their Xbox 360 copy of the game. They're there on the disc and ready to be played along with the other DLC characters!


The momentum Sony had going into the launch of SFxT was killed by somebody rooting around through a disc's files. If Capcom had just waited and released the full characters as DLC later on it wouldn't have been so bad, but now everybody knows Pacman and Mega Man aren't exclusive. That will make for an awkward chat with Sony next time...




As always, thanks for reading! Can you think of any other instances of companies releasing games with screwed up cover art? Why not share your information in the comments below?

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