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Dear Playstation, Here's How You Fight the Wii U


The new Super Slim Playstation 3 model has finally hit store shelves and I've just been dying to talk about it. The pricing of the system, the size of the included hard drive, what this means for the Wii-U, and of course the actual design of the system itself will all be points of interest for me today.


I must admit I was confused by a lot of the decisions Sony chose to make when it came to this new Playstation's reveal, but after a few days of trying to piece everything together I think I might have finally worked out whatever shenanigans Sony is trying to pull.



About That Price


This is what really caught me by surprise when the new Playstation 3 was announced. Everyone was so sure that the price would be dropped that we all just assumed it was going to happen one way or the other. Instead, what we received were larger hard drives and a game bundled in every new system.




Remember when Sony used to do price drops? Good times.


Sony says the reason they didn't drop the price is because people prefer bundle deals more than they prefer saving money as evidenced by special Black Friday sales and different giftcards randomly being bundled with the console during other such sales. I personally think this is a terrible idea, but I think I know why they did it.


Sure, a price drop or a cheaper Playstation 3 model would have given Sony a nice boost over the next month or so, but there is something you have to take into account - the Wii U doesn't release for a few more months. Sony would only be shooting themselves in the foot if they pulled out the big guns so soon.


So why release the console now, you might ask? Its simple actually. At least it is in my head. Let's hope things work out when I write it down.



Building Up To The Fight With The Wii-U


Like I said a few dozen words ago, the next generation doesn't start for a few more months. But Sony can't just throw out a new system type with a lower price point a week before the Wii U releases. There simply wouldn't be enough time to hype it up properly. Instead they released it months in advance at the normal price.




Eye of the Tiger, Sony! Eye of the Tiger!


I think there is actually a reason to this. Now people have upwards of two months to get used to seeing the new Playstation model on store shelves at the $250 price point. They'll accept that price as normal and people will, of course, buy it at that price.


Then when the Wii U launches, they can drop a cheaper model with a smaller hard drive onto the market. It certainly won't be enough to put a dent into the Wii U's launch, but it would steal some of Nintendo's thunder while also allowing Sony to make a few bucks with the increased price a few months before. Its essentially the same thing Nintendo did with the 3DS.



Changing The Console's Look (Again)


The new system has been revealed to the public for a while so I'm sure you've all seen it by now. If you haven't, then I suggest you scroll back up on this article and look at the images that have been posted above. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the new PS3 looks kind of like a PS2.


That's not a bad thing, of course; it can't hurt to try and connect your most popular console with your newest one. Odds are people will buy it just because of the resemblance (and before you call baloney, you should remember people spend money all the time without actually considering their purchase).




Don't try to fight me on this one. I love the idea too much.


But I think Sony is missing a golden opportunity here. What's big and hip right now with the people that have plenty of money to blow on gadgets? The answer is retro stuff. I don't know why but if you make a DS look like a NES you can get an extra hundred bucks out of it.


Obviously Sony can't start selling Playstations made to look like Super Nintendos, but the weird grid design found on the new PS3 still reminds me of a dark time in the 70's and 80's. The era of wood paneling. Pretty much every electronic back then had the same line pattern this new PS3 has along with a hunk of fake wood.


Slap a few of those wood panels on the new PS3 and just sit back and laugh as the retro money pours in. They could even base their price drop around it by way of reverse inflation. $250 today would be worth around $170 back in the 1980's. Slap a retro price tag on it and things would be totally groovy.


For some reason when I read this all back to myself I'm imagining that it looks a lot like the plot of one of the Rocky movies. Weird robot and all. But in all seriousness I do believe Sony has a plan of attack ready for the Wii U. Odds are it won't be what i wrote up, but it could be close. As always, thank you for reading.

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