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Four Lies Told To You By The Gaming Industry (That You Forgot)


Everybody has told a little white lie at some point in their lives. And when I say everybody, I do mean everybody. Game companies included. Some lies are bigger than others, while others are just confusing and leave you wondering, "Why would they lie about that?" But in most cases, a company will lie to drum up interest in their product.


Or to cover up an embarrassing problem they're having, like the need to make one lesser product look just as good as a different product. But there are also companies that lie without realizing it. They're so excited for their upcoming projects that they just spill the beans on everything they hope to accomplish, even if those things are impossible by today's standards.


Now, I'm not saying these companies or the products they released are bad due to the lies told (whether they were on purpose or not); in fact, I've played most the the games I'm about to talk about. Its just always great fun to remind people of their most awkward times, so please, enjoy the read!




The Killzone 2 Demo Looked Better Than Killzone 3


Back when the Playstation 3 was first announced, the rumors and possibilities were endless. Games could have a million troops on screen, be photo-realistic, and allow seven people to play at once (locally). Of course, those things never really came to be seeing as consoles six years ago simply weren't capable of such feats and it was just too expensive to pull off.


But don't tell that to Guerrilla Games, the developers of the Killzone series. You may remember way back when it was first revealed to the public that Killzone was getting a sequel on the soon-to-be-released Playstation 3, and just how amazing that looked. Characters had an incredible amount of detail in their faces, and the fire and smoke effects were downright amazing.




Wait... What's up with that guy on the turret? Why does he look so happy?



This is where the problem comes in. Killzone 2 and 3 had some incredibly amazing visuals, but they didn't hold a candle to what the supposed demo of Killzone 2 promised. There were rumors going left and right about whether it was a pre-rendered trailer or not. Jack Tretton, Vice President of SCEA was quoted as saying "It is real gameplay people are seeing out there."


Then a little later, after a few more interviews where everyone said "Oh yea, that's totally real," it was finally revealed that the amazing gameplay trailer was in fact pre-rendered. What was shown in the video was what developers hoped to achieve on the Playstation 3. They never quite pulled it off, but it still looked pretty amazing.


Source of the claims that Killzone 2 was all ingame footage






The Xbox 360 Version Of Final Fantasy XIII Looks Just Like The PS3 Version!


Remember when Final Fantasy XIII was the Playstation 3's ace in the hole exclusive? Remember when it was then announced that it would see a multiplatform release? Those were some fun times. So much bickering between the two sides of the console war. Playstation fans insisting the Xbox version would take sixty discs due to their lack of Blu-ray.




The PS3 version of the game, made apparent by the L1 in the corner.


The Xbox side taunting the Playstation with chants of "PS3 has no exclusives!" It was hilarious watching random gaming fans duke it out over a game that didn't quite live up to fan expectation on either side. While all of this hilarious bickering has nothing to do with this next lie, it does involve the console wars and an unnamed artist who got a little too lazy with promotional images.


The argument was a simple one. Xbox 360 fans believed that their version of Final Fantasy XIII was just as good as the Playstation 3 version, and they had proof to back it up. Images released by Square Enix showing side by side comparisons of the two versions of the game showed they were pixel for pixel identical. So identical in fact, that they must have been fake.




The PS3 version of the game again, made apparent by the hastily photoshopped LB in the corner.



In what must have been a very embarrassing admission of guilt, Square Enix fessed up that they did in fact accidentally add images of the PS3 game with Xbox 360 command inputs to the set of comparison images and then sent it out saying it was a comparison shot of the two games. Remember, they accidentally did it. The worst part was just how obvious it was. They were literally the same images!


Source for Square-Enix's admission






EA Conjures Up Some Fake Protests


I had to really think about adding this to the list. While it is a more widely known fib, EA is in the news right now for allegedly using bots to reach their goal of 65,000 votes or something along those lines to make their random PR campaign look more successful than it actually was. While I don't know what actually happened with that, EA has been caught drumming up fake interest before, and it can only hurt them with these new accusations.


I'm sure you all remember the whole religious boycott of Dante's Inferno that took place at E3 in 2009 that just so happened to turn out to be a marketing stunt on EA's part. It left a feeling of awkwardness towards the gaming giant and really put them in a sour light with a few actual religious groups. But how could a marketing giant be caught lying about something so easily?




If there's one thing these crazy protestors take pride in, its gotta be name branding.


The answer is so stupid that it is almost unbelievable. It was the protester's signs that gave it away. The EA logos drawn on each of the protester's signs were simply too well done. While it is believable a group of people that know nothing about videogames could figure out about E3, it is much less likely that all of the protesters would be able to draw accurate EA logos all over their stuff.


The Devil really was in the details with this one. While EA's current kerfuffle can't be proven or not, it just goes to show you that the "boy who cried wolf" story still applies, even to giant corporations.


Source of EA admitting to faking the protest






You Can Have Children In Fable 1






If it is a game made by Peter Molyneux, then odds are high that I've bought it, played it, and loved it. When it comes to Peter Molyneux games, you're practically guaranteed to have a fun time playing them. But at the same time, you're also guaranteed that Peter Molyneux will tell you at least five lies about said game.


The most famous example of one of his lies would be with the original Fable for the Xbox. In different interviews, Peter Molyneux was quoted as saying you could have children in the game and that they would be an integral part of the story. As I'm sure you're aware, you could not have children in Fable 1.


Some of the people buying the game weren't aware of this and became upset over the lack of baby making. Peter Molyneux made a public apology saying "If I have mentioned any feature in the past [that], for whatever reason, didn't make it as I described into Fable, I apologize."


And the amazing part is that he isn't lying about the game to get more sales or to make it look better than it actually is. He's telling these lies because he's excited. To him they aren't lies at all. He sees them as goals towards what his games should be. Unfortunately, more often that not his games just can't live up to the designs he wanted.


While the games might not turn out as great as Peter Molyneux had hoped for, they're still usually great games worth being excited about. So this is one habitual liar I can deal with. Because as long as he's this excited about making a game, then I'll be just as excited to play it. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to go play The Movies on my PC.


Source of Peter Molyneux's apology



As always, thanks for reading everybody! Are there more lies told to you by the gaming industry that you think others might have forgotten? Why not share them in the comments below?

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