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Game of the Year 2012: WildCardCorsair's Picks


This year I wanted to think a little differently in regards to Game of the Year since I played on different systems more than ever before. I will list my top games, but would actually love to choose one game from each system that I play regularly to make up my top five. I'm going to throw in a few runner-ups as well.


Many of these will probably be conventional-ish choices but I chose many of them because they stand out in some way to me that few other games did. Many of them aren't perfect, but provide an experience that is hard to find elsewhere! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!


Nintendo 3DS




Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy


Two parts rhythm game, one part RPG mix to wonderful effect in Theatrhythm. Even though the musical selection (however incredible) may not be as exciting to non-Final Fantasy fans, the game is no less wonderfully executed. 40 frames-per-second, satisfying lasting appeal, even the unlikely inclusion of local multiplayer and StreetPass make this a 3DS title to remember.


Runner-Up: Kid Icarus Uprising



Xbox 360




Mass Effect 3


Despite the hullaballoo surrounding the third (numbered) entry into the Mass Effect series, I still feel it deserves praise for its accomplishments. It successfully adds a great co-op multiplayer experience while finding a happy medium in the single player for fans of previous games. The amount of polish and care in all aspects of the game itself bring this series to (me, at least) a very satisfying conclusion.


Runner up: Halo 4



Playstation 3






It is impossible to talk about the "Year of the Indies" without mentioning thatgamecompany's Journey. In short, this game is magical in a way that is difficult to describe but easy to understand if you've played it. Even Journey's unique approach to online co-op helps preserve (and even intensify the amazing emotions it conjures up. Everything from the soundtrack to the visuals makes this game stand out even among the best triple-A releases.


Runner up: Starhawk



Playstation Vita




Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward


This game has impressed me like few others. On the surface, it is your same old-fashioned visual novel with puzzle gameplay. Apart from a killer story, the game's flowchart menu makes this game easy to navigate and unlocking character endings all the more exciting. Every step you take towards to the true ending (without cheating) makes this game a rewarding, stand-out experience!


Runner up: Gravity Rush



WildCard (and Overall) Game of the Year




Persona 4 Golden


Ok, ok, I know. Persona 4 is a game from 2008. Not only did I miss the boat the first time around, this can hardly be called the same game. P4G is amazing from many angles, being a formidable RPG both mechanically and story-wise, but the devil (wakka wakka!) is in the details. The character stories and "non-action" in this game is every bit as compelling as the rest of the game. If all remaining games for the Vita were cancelled and this is the last game I could ever play for the handheld, I'd actually be satisfied my money was well spent. Yes, this game is that good!

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