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How Sony Finally Fixed Playstation Plus' Most Nagging Problem (For Now)


I've been a member of Sony's Playstation Plus service since just about the very beginning. I might have missed a month or two and had a few complaints to lob at Sony about some of their stranger choices with their service, but I've enjoyed everything they've had to offer me this past year or so. But I have had one rather nagging problem with the service - it's made me afraid to buy things.


Just think about it. Month after month Sony would roll out a new free game every Tuesday with little to no warning whatsoever. While a free game every week sounds like a pretty great deal, it was actually pretty gosh darned terrifying to a penny pinching monster such as myself.



I was afraid because I didn't want to accidentally buy the game that was going to be free in the next week or so. But of course I had absolutely no way of telling whether or not the game I wanted to purchase was going to end up being free three days from then, so I had only two choices: Buy the game and just hope it doesn't become free, or wait until Tuesday passed to see what the free game was.


The problem was that each week I would see the game I wanted wasn't the free one, but I would still hold off on buying it until the next week just in case it ended up being free then. Of course, this problem didn't plague everyone, but there was still the fact that nobody knew what would be coming on a week to week basis and it made people more apprehensive with their virtual wallets.




This was a lucky break, I was just about to buy The Cave


But all of that could be changing with Sony's new way of rolling out news postings about their Playstation Plus service. Instead of keeping everyone in the dark all month about what could be coming to the free section of the store, they've recently begun posting a list at the beginning of the month showcasing everything that will be free over the next few weeks.


This new setup immediately knocks out any fears from the bigger penny pinchers among us, myself included. While this just appears to be an article about how much I enjoy Sony's new method of updating the Playstation Plus service, there's actually another reason I'm making this post. This whole showing us what we're getting before we actually get it setup is only temporary. Sony is likely just testing it out to see how fans react to it and to see if it helps raise sales for games not posted on their monthly list.


In other words, we could lose our nice new setup if Sony ends up deciding we don't care for it for some totally ridiculous reason. So here's what you need to do - just go to the Playstation Blog and tell them you want them to keep the new setup the way it is. Let them know it's a million times better than their old way of keeping us in the dark. If we're lucky, they'll have the sense to keep doing things the way they are now. If not, then I guess it's back to holding my money in a death grip for fear of buying something that will be free later. Let's hope that isn't the case. As always, thank you for reading.

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