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Journey: Accessing The Secret Glitch World, And What New Things You'll Find There


When it comes to Journey, I've played it half to death. I've got the white cloak, I've beaten the game so many times that I don't get new designs on my character anymore, and I've found nearly every little secret that the developers threw into the game. I'm pretty sure a fair number of you reading have found these Easter Eggs as well.


But did you stumble upon the glitch world? Odds are very high that you didn't. But fret not weary traveler! Because I'm about to show you the way. It takes work, some good timing, and a bit of luck, but I'm sure you're all more than capable. Enjoy the read, and all of the amazing images I took on my travels!


Getting To The City Of Glitches


First of all, you're absolutely going to need the white cloak for this. It is nearly impossible to do without it. While you could theoretically get your partner to help you through the steps, it is highly unlikely. You can't exactly explain to a stranger that you're going to fly through an impossibly high wall with a few clicks and chirps.


Assuming you do have a white cloak or a partner who understands how to follow you, you have to get to the underground cavern with the giant serpent statues. You cannot use the portals in the beginning of the game. I tested it out, even with the white cloak you won't have enough lift to reach the area. So unfortunately you're going to have to rough it out and pick up all the orbs you can.





The head poking out on the left hand side. Climb to the very top row of statues.


Once you've reached the underground cavern, head to the first chamber where you encounter the statues. Head to the end of the room and go to where the now broken statue used to be. (For the sake of spoilers, you know which one that is.) Turn left and you should see a stack of three statues, work your way up to the very top one on the left.





The wall on the right, you have to fly around the corner and up high on to a small ledge.


At the top of the statue there should be a gear slowly turning above you. Just ignore it, you at least know you're in the right place if you see it. Make sure your scarf is fully charged and jump off. Make a sharp right hand turn around the corner and start going up. There should be a small ledge for you to recharge on.





If you're looking the right way, this is what you should see. Head for the window on the left.


Look back the way you came, there should be two grated windows above the exit to the next area. Fly as high as you can and land next to those windows. The edges are slippery so be sure not to fall off! While the windows up here have grates on them, the one on the left will not stop you from passing through it. Success! You've made it to the Glitch World!





Prepare for adventure!


What Is There To See In The Glitch World?


A lot of stuff actually. Some of it is cool, while other things are just plain weird. For the sake of spoilers, I won't say what the first thing you'll see is, but you know what it is if you've reached this part of the game. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET CLOSER TO IT! Even though it is frozen in space the result of touching it is still the same. Worse yet you'll be stuck at the bottom of a pit in the Glitch World with no way to explore, forcing you to restart the game and do it all again.





Its hard to see, but I'm walking straight up a vertical wall of black sand.


Other than that part in the beginning, exploring this new world is pretty safe. While it may appear that there are no floors, as long as you use your best judgement you should be able to walk along the air from pillar to pillar. At first there isn't a whole lot to see, but then you'll reach the impossible sand dunes. While they may look like walls, the pitch black sands in front of you are actually climbable.





The beginning of the abyssal plains.


While it may look silly walking straight up a seemingly endless vertical cliff, you will reach the top. The sand suddenly flattens out revealing a huge sprawling abyss of black sands and green skies. Walk in any direction and I'm sure you'll find something. For the sake of this adventure I just went straight ahead until I was presented with an endless wall of pillars. I decided to fly into them.





Structures suddenly begin to take shape.


To my surprise, they opened up onto a stone floor surround by a few different areas. I had the option to drop down and explore, or go straight ahead. I saw a glimmer of light, so I decided to keep going forward. Awesomely enough, the glimmer of light was an unknown hieroglyph that you usually see during cutscenes. I can't tell you what was on it, because I simply couldn't find any footing near it.


Falling down to the floor below, there were four odd lights. What appeared to be a frozen bolt of lightning just hanging in the air, a hole in the middle of space shining light down on me, an ominous red glow coming from a tunnel behind me, and what appeared to be a pitch black tower adorned with lights. I chose the ominous red glow first.





I couldn't get a good image of it, but just see how it is effecting my usually pure white character?


Surprisingly, the red glow was coming from a prayer room, like the ones you see at the end of a level. The only difference is this one was blood red. Just being near it changed my wanderer to a dark orange color (it didn't show up well in the pictures.) Unfortunately, from where I was standing, I couldn't reach the prayer spot. There was a large gate in my way. But from what I could see there was an entrance on the other side.





It is much larger up close, but the image from further away showed off the lights better.


Going back the way I came, I snapped photos as I passed by the lightning bolt and the tear in reality. While they were neat, I wanted to see what was up with the dark tower. While it was cool up close, I couldn't find any footholds to aid me in climbing it. In fact, most of the tower and surrounding sand weren't actually there. I was constantly flying up to stop myself from falling into the abyss. Which eventually did happen.


As I was falling into the darkness, my wanderer started turning pitch black. Some parts would stay normal, others dark as coal. After that stopped, my character actually became a blob for a few seconds. Long enough for me to take a picture. Then finally I hit a pure white floor... I was officially stuck. But not all was lost! There was a hieroglyph on the wall! I just couldn't make any of the images out due to the brightness!




And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end to my adventure... For now. There are still a lot of things to find in the glitch world. Everything shown in this article was found just by walking in one direction! Maybe you can get to the other side and see just what is up with that blood red prayer spot, or perhaps you can find more hieroglyphs! It's a cool area that I hope you'll all plan to explore. Who knows, there might even be different glitch worlds in the game. We'll just have to keep looking!


Hungry for more images? Well you're in luck! While the article couldn't contain them all, I do have a gallery of extra images that weren't used in this article which you can find right here.


Hungry for even more?! Well, it isn't finished yet, but I've begun work exploring a second all new glitch world in the game. And it is awesome so far. Expect more pictures and a new adventure soon!


*Credit goes to Ananasman from gamefaqs.com for finding the original entrance to the glitch world*

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