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Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC Leaks and Analysis

Marshall Henderson

Yesterday, we reported the release date for Mass Effect 3's Earth DLC, but today, BioWare is bringing the official announcement, as well as some new information and screencaps.


BioWare confirmed that each of the new characters is a new human for every class. No information has been specifically given on each class's new abilities, the specific role each one plays can be seen.


According to BioWare's blog, the class breakdown is as follows:


Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer Soldier, Paladin Sentinel, Demolisher Engineer, Slayer Vanguard, Shadow Infiltrator, and Fury Adept! Each comes complete with new and powerful abilities and melee attacks.


BioWare also announced the Platinum difficulty. Previously, matches existed as Bronze, Silver, and Gold difficulties. Higher difficulty levels provide more experience and money, so Platinum difficulty will probably afford players some mad skrilla.


But hey, you've been good this year, so how about some screenshots?




First up is an image of what looks like London. We see three characters fighting Reapers. Were I to speculate, I would suspect the green one to the left to be the Destroyer soldier, readying a heavy melee attack. What appear to be sparks are coming from the omnitool. These promo shots tend to have the characters wielding the guns, so that may be a Typhoon, but it looks like the Striker Assault Rifle from the Resurgence DLC pack.


The one in red, given the giant shield, may be the Paladin Sentinel. He is holding a giant omni-tool fabricated shield, and seems to be preparing to bash something with it. A blue gun is visible on his waist, where shotguns conventionally go in Mass Effect weapon layouts.


A third character seems to be wearing one of those 3/4th length coat things that both Thane and Kai Leng wear in the series. Looking at the other classes, this may be the Slayer Vanguard.




This photo clearly shows another area, possibly the Rio area. Cerberus enemies are the aggressors here. The player character here is a woman in red, very similar-looking to a Phantom. This is probably the Shadow Infiltrator, given that they have cloaking abilities. The fact that she has as sword probably indicates that her melee and heavy melee abilities are done with that.




The final image here shows a fight against Reapers. The area is somewhat unfamiliar, but it may be the Vancouver area. In the foreground, we see a Fury Adept, presumably, using some biotic ability against a Marauder. It looks similar to Singularity, though instead of a black... singularity in the middle, it is white and has some kind of energy discharge coming from it. Possibly a new ability.


In the background, the possible Paladin Sentinel is facing off against a Brute, while a green character, possibly the same speculated before as being the Destroyer Soldier, is firing at what may be a Banshee.


Really, the Biotic is the big show-off here.


Those are the only four pictures (including the header above, easily seen by right-clicking and selecting "Open Image in a New Tab") that BioWare has shown off so far, but their previous DLCs have come with more pictures, detailed descriptions, and a trailer around their release, so we'll keep an eye out for that for you.


For anyone interested in the DLC, it will be available on July 17th for PC, Xbox 360, and US PlayStation 3 players. For those in Europe, you'll have to wait until July 18th for the PlayStation.


To take a peek at the images in this post and all our other Mass Effect 3 screens, take a look in the gallery below.



UPDATE: The good people of the intenret have provided leaked information on each of the classes. Each of the classes is of the N7 program, which is basically like the toughest of the tough. For perspective, Shepard was in the N7 program.



N7 Destroyer - The Solider Class:




“The Destroyer“s T5-V Battlesuit gives these strong-but-slow soldiers mech-like protection. Driven by eezo-assisted actuators, these frontline troopers carry heavy weapons onto the battlefield.


Abilities: Multi-Frag Grenade, Missile Launcher, Devastator Mode."


This Soldier-class seems to be focused on being a heavy firepower tank. Devastator Mode is likely similar to Adrenaline Rush, or possibly like one of the powers that can be activated/deactivated, like the Geth's Hunter Mode. Mobility seems to be restricted, possibly similar to Krogan characters.


Missile Launcher is an ability, so that may mean it is something that can be used without the round limits that other players have.



N7 Fury - The Adept Class




“Fury operatives use implants to fuel biotics and their incredible movement speed. These operatives wind an unpredictable path on the battlefield, moving in and out of combat before returning to unleash a sweeping biotic attack on their unsuspecting targets.


Abilities: Throw, Annihilation Field, Dark Channel"


Fury seems to have the opposite scenario, where their movement is increased to even greater than normal. The Annihilation Field is likely what we saw above, and based on the name, is probably like a damaging Stasis Field or something to that effect.


Dark Channel should be familiar as one of Javik's moves that can be learned by Shepard. Javik's ability was a Damage Over Time ability that, when an enemy is killed using it, it will hop over to a nearby enemy and continue doing damage.


N7 Shadow – The Infiltrator Class




"Shadow infiltrators use implants to dramatically improve agility, making them slippery combatants on the battlefield. Their monomolecular blades are a menace from cover and close range.


Abilities: Tactical Cloak, Shadow Strike, Electric Slash"


The increased Agility sounds like it makes them have the ability to flip about, like the Drell characters, or more likely like the Phantoms upon which they appear to be based. Electrical Slash is a new ability that probably uses the sword to slash the enemy, maybe with a stun effect.


Shadow Strike is a technique Kasumi used in Mass Effect 2, allowing her to drop her tactical cloak, do a powerful attack, then cloak again. This is likely similar.


N7 Demolisher – The Engineer Class




“The Demolisher uses grenades to attack at range and to terrorize the battlefield. Demolishers can also create a supply pylon that stocks allies with an unending reserve of grenades and thermal reloads.


Abilities: Homing Grenade, Arc Grenade, Supply Pylon"


Demolisher, despite the name, sounds like a support class. Of course, homing grenades seems pretty straight-forward as grenades that track enemies, and Arc Grenades are familiar for people who have used Quarian males. The new addition of the Supply Pylon means that they'll likely drop those when players need to hold an area for Uploads or Hacking missions.


N7 Paladin – The Sentinel Class




“The Paladin carries a powerful omni-shield onto the battlefield to block enemy fire. The Paladin also uses the shield as a heavy-melee weapon that, when modified with incindiery or cryo upgrades, creates a devastating combination attack.”


Ability: Snap Freeze, Incinerate, Energy Drain"


The Paladin appears to favor the Engineering side of the combo instead of the Biotic side. We see above that the shield can be used for bashing, but here we see that the Paladin also uses it for his Snap Freeze and Incinerate abilities. This is clearly based on the Guardian class.


N7 Slayer – The Vanguard Class




“Slayers use implants to dramatically improve mobility. Their dizzying sword attacks can hit multiple opponents, and the Slayer“s ability to slip fire makes them hard to pin down on the battielfield.”


Abilities: Phase Disruptor, Biotic Charge, Biotic Slash"


Clearly based on Kai Leng (which may drive some people away), it appears that Slayers use a sword as well, which apparently has a range of attacks like the Geth or Vanguard heavy melee attacks. Phase Disruptor is a new ability, which may have something to do with damaging shields, since that's what Disruptor things have historically done in the series.


Biotic Slash is also new, and probably has something to do with the Slayer's sword.


They also seem to have increased mobility, which may mean actual movement speed like the Fury, or agility like the Shadow.


The new guns were also leaked. Let's take a look here:




First up, the Typhoon light machine gun. There seems to be a gun shield, commonly used on things like turrets and stuff like that, so it probably functions with a high rate of fire.




Secondly, the Piranha assault shotgun. The design has a revolver design, meaning it probably also has a decent rate of fire for a shotgun, and the number of chambers imply somewhere between 8 to 10 shots per thermal clip.




Thirdly, this appears to be the Acolyte pistol. It follows the design of the Disciple shotgun, which is an Asari Justicar-designed weapon. Given the similarity in the naming pattern, it lends credence to the possibility that this is also an Asari-designed weapon. Regardless, based on the similar design to the Disciple, the Acolyte Pistol may enjoy a similar focus on damage output and ability to stagger.


As it seems, there is a lot of meat in the Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC, and the new mods promised haven't even been revealed. With SDCC and the upcoming event weekend, and the Extended Cut freshly behind us, BioWare has done a considerable job at continuing their support for the Mass Effect 3 fanbase. Not bad, BioWare. Not bad.

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