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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: No Room For David Hayter?


PAX has just begun and we've already seen some gameplay for Kojima's next big sequel in the MGS series, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. But like any new reveal, we're often left with a huge pile of questions and absolutely no answers what-so-ever.


But I think I've realized something horrible. Something I never imagined happening to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. I don't think David Hayter will reprise his role as Big Boss. Now I'm not just saying this to stir up trouble; I've actually got a few reasons to think this. And you might just agree with me when you're done reading.


Before we begin, there will be spoilers for Metal Gear Solid 4 below this point. You've been warned!


In Metal Gear Solid 4 you play as Solid Snake after his body has been ravaged by accelerated aging. At this point he's still voiced by David Hayter, and all is well in the world until we reach the end of the game when it is revealed that Big Boss is in fact still alive. So now we have two characters who have both reached their twilight years and are both voiced by David Hayter.


Instead of making things weirder than they already were by having David Hayter talk to himself, the people at Konami decided to cast a new voice actor for Big Boss. That man was none other than Richard Doyle (O'Doyle rules!). This matters for two very obvious reasons.




He certainly isn't getting any younger


First of all, the voice had been cast for a reason. We needed something more distinct than an eye patch to tell the difference between the two Snakes. If it was just old David Hayter talking to slightly older David Hayter things would have ended up being very confusing for some people.


So the voice is the clear indicator between the two old Snakes. While it is entirely possible to go back to David Hayter to play another Old Snake, (that will eventually meet a young Snake. I'll get to that in a bit) they'll just be setting themselves up for some real trouble and here's why.


By this point in Big Boss's life, his cloned children are probably preparing for his downfall. It is the end we all know is coming for him. Why does this matter? The same reason Big Boss needed a new voice actor in Metal Gear Solid 4. At some point in the story he will be coming into contact with Solid Snake.


It might not even happen in Ground Zeroes. It could be pushed back into Metal Gear Solid 5, but the point is it will happen. The way I look at it, Konami has a few choices. They can give the part of Big Boss to Richard Doyle throughout the next two MGS games to prepare us for David Hayter as young Solid Snake so there will be a difference in the voices.




Your hair will never be this luxurious. I'm sorry.


The part can be given to David Hayter in Ground Zeroes and suddenly replaced with Richard Doyle in MGS 5 to give the two characters differing voices (A bad idea in my opinion). There's also the chance David Hayter could end up voicing both of them. Or Konami can go for the danger play and cast David Hayter as old Big Boss and give the part of young Solid Snake to someone new.


While I hate the danger play, it actually makes the most sense to me. David Hayter is getting older and its been getting more and more difficult for him to do the young Snake voice. While we all already know he can do the Old Snake voice, one has to wonder if he can still pull off a younger version without straining himself, or if he would even want to.


Whatever happens, something has got to give somewhere. Whichever character he ends up voicing (it could both) I hope he does a great job as usual. How do you feel about these possible problems arising with Snake's voice? Who do you think should be given the role? Why not post in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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