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Mind Blown: 4 Hidden Game Details You Never Noticed


When it comes to games and movies, I enjoy finding the different features and details that were hidden in each respective form of entertainment. Whether it is something that needs to be glitched into the game, or if I have to go through the same scene a million times. It doesn't really matter to me. I just love finding all there is to find in a game.


But sometimes, these sorts of secrets are hidden right under our noses. Things we should have noticed, but our minds just refused to grasp. These sorts of things are even more fun to figure out because you just feel so stupid for not noticing them before. Today, we're going to be discussing five of them. They aren't the most amazing finds, but that doesn't make them any less cool.




Fighting Fire With Water In Metal Gear Solid 3


When it comes to the Metal Gear Solid series, you're practically stumbling through secrets just by playing the game normally. Odds are pretty high that you'll go through the entire series without even noticing them. Just go to Youtube and type in something along the lines of "secret codecs" you'll be sitting at your computer listening to conversations for the next few hours just on that one search.




Why exactly did the Fury choose to fight Snake in a building covered in exposed water pipes?


And on top of those secrets, there are also secret ways to fight each game's boss characters. We all know that when fighting Psycho Mantis you're suppose to switch controller ports, but did you know that you could also shoot his mask off of a statue to confuse his telekinesis? There are plenty of secrets like that peppered in, but the one I never found was in the fight against The Fury.


When I fought him, I just tucked myself into a corner and took pot shots at him as he flew through the flames. I couldn't go anywhere because literally everything around me was on fire. I did beat him with a stamina kill after a while, but it took forever. Now a few years have passed and I've figured it out. You can shoot the pipes on the walls to put out the flames.


There was nothing even hinting at that, but it should have been so obvious! So next time you fight The Fury and you're tucked into a corner fighting for your life, just remember to shoot the freaking water pipes!




Promotional Art Holds So Many Secrets


Seriously, take a look at the image posted below of Duke Nukem. Really look at it. The image is staring you right in the face and odds are you're still missing out on some of the details. No matter how long you look at the image, you just can't see the cowboy hat falling off of Duke's head until someone mentions it to you.




Duke ain't got time for hats. He's too busy ruining his reputation!


Whoa, where did that come from? That image of Duke has been around for years and years and you've probably seen it a fair number of times thanks to the Duke Nukem Forever craze that had been sweeping the internet for more than a decade, so why are you just now seeing the cowboy hat? I don't understand it, but Duke isn't alone when it comes to stuff like this.


Just look at the cover art for Doom. There is so much happening in the image that you can't even tell exactly what you're looking at while you're looking at it. Just to cover a few points, Doomguy is only holding one gun even though it looks like he's holding two at first glance, there's a second Doomguy running up to save him from the horde of cyber demons, and also you're probably neither of them.






Take a look at the bottom left corner of the image. You see that demon looking at you with that stupid smirk on his face? Well look to the right of him. You should see a gun sticking out of the bottom of the image. The argument is that the gun you're seeing is supposed to represent you the player, but it could also be the gun of a monster off frame.


So you're either in a demon moshpit about to rip and tear, or you can finally say John was the zombies.




Dormin Is Nimrod And Other Obvious Connections


In the game Shadow of the Colossus, you play a character who has just made a deal with a disembodied voice that goes by the name Dormin to bring back some dead girl. The deal is that if you manage to defeat all sixteen colossi spread across the forbidden land, then Dormin will bring the girl back to life.


Did I mention Dormin resides in a ruined tower that reaches into the Heavens? Did I also mention that Dormin backwards is Nimrod? Now, I'm not going to pretend I know a whole bunch about different stories from the Bible, but I know enough to put two and two together. Nimrod was a powerful warrior who may or may not have had a hand in the construction of the Tower of Babel.




If this isn't supposed to be the Tower of Babel then I'll really be surprised.


The Tower of Babel of course was a tower that reached up into the Heavens. Do you see where I'm going with this? In the game, the Forbidden Tower that holds Dormin is the absolute tallest structure in the game. Just to stand a chance at climbing it you have to beat the game four times. That should give you a pretty good idea about how tall it is.


Why there aren't any other obvious ties between the story of Shadow of the Colossus and the stories of the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, it should be obvious to anyone the connection that was being made. But despite all of this, I just never saw it. Someone else had to explain it to me and I felt like an idiot for not noticing something in a game I played so many times.




The best secret is always the one hidden right under your nose. Can you think of some other obvious secrets that were sitting in plain sight all these years? Things that seemingly nobody noticed? Why not mention them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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