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Road to E3 2014: Everything We Know and Predict About Sony's Press Conference

Steve Bitto

The absence of Jack Tretton will be felt at Sony's E3 presentation in 2014 but make no mistake, this will likely be one to remember. With Sony showing their conference at movie theaters across the country, there is no doubt that they have some big announcements up their sleeve.


Sony has been running a particularly tight ship this year; outside of a few small leaks, most of the show is still a secret to fans and the media. Rumors suggest that the presentation will be a PS4 extravaganza with the PS Vita barely getting a honorable mention which would make sense. The PlayStation 4 is off to a great start, it would be silly for Sony to take their foot off the gas.


Many of Sony's first party studios have unannounced projects in the works. Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Guerilla Games, and Sony Bend to name a few are all working on titles we know little or nothing about. There's no doubt some of these studios will be on stage showing off their new projects running on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Vita. Which studios will they be? Only time will tell.


Without further adieu, lets get into the nitty gritty of what we expect to see in Sony's 2014 E3 presentation.







Sony will likely hit the ground running displaying the impressive sales statistics of PlayStation 4. They will use this momentum to announce two things. One will sink. One will swim.


Playstation 4 / Playstation Vita Bundle




The first is the recently leaked by Amazon 'Ultimate Player Edition Bundle'. According to the leak, the bundle will include a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation Vita all for... not much less than the are sold separately now. Some bundles list Borderlands 2 to be included as well. According to a leaked Best Buy circular, the bundle which includes a Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Borderlands 2 and a memory card will retail for $559.98. So purchasers would basically be getting Borderlands 2 Vita for free. Doesn't seem like the most enticing offer but maybe I'm wrong...



Playstation Now




The second will be PlayStation Now. There is no doubt Sony will address the ongoing closed beta of their new streaming service and the progress report will be good. Not only that but they will let the general public get their hands on it in one of two ways. They will either announce a launch date within weeks of the conference or announce an open beta for PlayStation Plus members. Either way people will be pleased to know that they can try the service out for themselves in the near future.



Project Morpheus




Bridging the hardware numbers presentation and software announcements, Sony will bring out Project Morpheus. While it is still unclear what game(s) will be displayed on the device, you can expect Project Morpheus to be paired with a major PlayStation franchise. Perhaps DRIVECLUB integration will be revealed at this point? It would sure explain the delays for a game that never looked rough around the edges yet was pushed back almost a full year. Either way, the hardware will definitely be on display.



The Order: 1886




The Order: 1886 has not been the rallying cry for fans Sony thought it would be. This is largely due to lackluster experiences with the game by those in the gaming media and the game's recent delay. Expect Ready at Dawn to take this opportunity to make people remember why they got excited for The Order at E3 2013. New guns, new story details and on-stage gameplay are sure things.


Uncharted 4




Another major, already announced, PS4 game will be at E3. Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra's recent interview with Game Informer shed light on the seemingly troubled development of Uncharted 4. With such an impressive track record, Naughty Dog shouldn't have to remind the gaming community just how talented they are but they will. Uncharted 4 gameplay will be shown and blow the roof off E3. Sadly, the trailer will end with the words "Fall 2015."







More PS4 Remastered Titles




Sony will double down on their strategy to remaster PS3 games. So far Dead Nation, Flower and The Last of Us among other have migrated to PS4 with optimized graphics. Sony will announce that God of War: Ascension and Gran Turismo 6 are next to make the jump. Expect DLC to be included, 60 fps and 1080p. Not too exciting but Sony wants to fill up a scarce fall 2014 release schedule. What way better than to rerelease two titles from two of their most popular franchises.



Uncharted Vita 2




To date, Uncharted: Golden Abyss is the best selling game on Playstation Vita and still one of the best-looking. With the Vita in desperate need of a push in the United States and Europe, a sequel to Uncharted makes too much sense. In fact, it is baffling as to why it hasn't come sooner. While on stage for Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog will announce that Nathan Drake's sophomore adventure on Vita has been in development for some time and will be launching this fall.



Infamous Vita




Although the Vita will not be in the spotlight for long, Sony will announce that another Playstation franchise is coming to their struggling handheld. Nate Fox of Sucker Punch will announce that Infamous is coming to Vita in 2015. Story details will be scarce but expect the game to tie more into Second Son than the Cole MacGrath story. While no gameplay will be shown, an impressive trailer will tease a new city and a new protagonist.



The Last Guardian




Back to Playstation 4. After five years of anticipation, The Last Guardian will return to E3. It will disappoint. In Team Ico's defense, there is no way The Last Guardian can live up to expectations at this point. Sony would be smart to announce a spring release and slowly trickle information out up until launch. This would quell the built up anticipation and create more realistic expectations.



Media Molecule


Last but not least, there needs to be one major unexpected announcement. Sony has a knack for deception going into the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many remember David Jaffe infamously tweeting "Well I assure you 100% that is not accurate. If my game would be at E3, I would be there. ALSO we are NOT making that game," before revealing Twisted Metal that year at E3. Media Molecule is pulling the same trick this year. Last week they announced that they will not be coming to this year's conference. Guess what? Not only will they be there but they will be revealing their new unannounced PS4 title. Boom.



Well there you have it. Sony's entire 2014 E3 presentation revealed right here on Game Podunk. Just kidding. Those are only predictions with varied amounts of substance behind them. Regardless which ones come to fruition, Sony has plenty of surprises in store for Playstation fans. Expect the unexpected and enjoy E3 2014!


What predictions do you have for Sony's conference? Let us know in the comments below!

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