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Secrets And Theories Pulled From The Metal Gear Solid V Trailer


If there's one thing that can be said about the Metal Gear Solid V trailer, its that it raises more questions than answers. In fact, I think the only thing it really did answer was the question of whether or not The Phantom Pain was a Metal Gear Solid game. And we all already knew it was from the get go! So no answers... only questions.


The good news is that I'm here to answer some of your questions! I can promise with absolute 67% certainty that my answers may or may not be proven wrong in the coming months when we learn more about Metal Gear Solid V, so until then it's safe to just assume what you're reading in this article is 100% true until proven otherwise. Now, on to my theories and findings!



There Is Definitely A Third Survivor


Kojima recently revealed that the third survivor hinted at in the Metal Gear Solid V trailer was, in fact, himself watching over Big Boss and Kaz as a symbolic way to say he was still working on the game. But as we all know, Kojima is insane and also a liar known for lying all the time just so he can screw with us. The third person isn't him, and it isn't Ishmael... so who is it?




Its a lot easier to see in motion. And no, he doesn't get shot boarding the helicopter.


Well, I don't know who it is. But I'm positive it isn't Hideo Kojima. This is mostly due to the fact that Kaz refers to this mysterious third person in the trailer right before it cuts way. But there's actually another reason. During the big escape from Mother Base, you see Kaz being carried out of a burning building by some soldier. Big Boss grabs Kaz and hauls him into the helicopter himself.


As he turns to go back and fight, you briefly catch a glimpse of Kaz helping a third person on board right before soldiers start getting gunned down. In my mind this has to be the mysterious third person in the hospital, and it isn't going to end up being Kojima.



Kaz Is Carrying Something Special


Before we start going into the crazier things I've spotted and theorized, I wanted to go back to the attack on Mother Base. Namely, why was Kaz being carried out of the base in the first place? Of course, Kaz is a very important member of Militaires Sans Frontières, but so were a lot of other people. Huey, Doctor Strangelove, and Amanda to name just a few. So again, why was he being evacuated while everyone else was dying?


The answer is all over his back. At least, the thing hanging off of his back. When you re-watch the trailer, you might see a cylinder shaped object hanging from Miller's shoulders. It also has a very distinct light glowing off of it. My best guess would be that this is ZEKE's AI core, and Kaz is being taken from Mother Base so they could get the AI core to a safe place. Why, you ask?




He had to grab his canister of Sunny D before they left


Because XOF is more than likely attacking Mother Base to get their hands on Metal Gear ZEKE. They could do plenty of damage with the Metal Gear by itself, but without the AI core they're missing a rather important part of the machine that won't be able to be replaced unless Strangelove ended up surviving the attack. This also leads me to why Mother Base is being destroyed.


I believe Big Boss is responsible for that. They went on a suicide mission just to get the irreplaceable AI core away from the enemy, who's to say they didn't drop Mother Base into the ocean as a way to keep them from also getting their hands on a nearly fully functional ZEKE? The problem is, I don't think that really worked out for them because...



XOF Has Parts Of ZEKE


Now I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, but from what I've seen going frame by frame in the newest Metal Gear Solid V trailer, it appears that XOF has gained at least a few parts of ZEKE over the years that Big Boss has been in a coma. The reason I think this is because of one scene in particular where Big Boss and what appears to be Ocelot are riding a horse, only to be thrown off by a large blast.






Just by watching the video at normal speed, its pretty apparent that this blast came from the lighthouse. It lights up right before the ground explodes underneath Big Boss. But if you go frame by frame in the video, you'll see that it isn't an explosion, it's actually a bolt of lightning. Now, what is ZEKE's main weapon? If you guessed railgun, then congratulations. You now know what is probably in the lighthouse.


But you're probably wondering, how could they get a railgun set up in a lighthouse in the few hours it took them to find out that Big Boss was wake? Well...



Big Boss Has Already Been Kidnapped


Think about what we've seen in the last two Phantom Pain trailers. A bunch of military type people gunning down medical patients and doctors, and some super duper crazy supernatural people attacking Big Boss. But who are the bad guys in this situation? Exactly what kind of hospital is Big Boss in? He's been sleeping for nine years in relative safety, so why are they attacking now?


Here's my best guess. The soldiers attacking the hospital were sent there by Kaz Miller to rescue Big Boss. Why didn't they do this in the nine years prior? Because they didn't know where he was being held. Word goes out to XOF that Big Boss is awake, so they send their crazy super powered squad to go pick him up. At the same time Miller gets word of where that group is headed and sends his own group to intervene.




Just need to keep him calm before the scary ghost monsters show up...


Why would XOF be keeping Big Boss alive? For the previously mentioned AI core that Kaz took with him after the fall of Mother Base. They might not be able to find Kaz, but Big Boss is one heck of a bargaining chip to get him out of hiding. Of course, this is some pretty bad news for anyone hoping Strangelove survived, because what would be stopping them from making her build a new AI core if she were still alive?


Now, why do I think these soldiers are there to rescue Big Boss despite all of the seemingly mindless killing that they're dispensing? For that, we'll have to go back to the original Phantom Pain trailer's ending. The soldiers are going patient to patient shooting them in the head. When they get to Big Boss they turn on their flashlights and start shining them in his face instead of just shooting him in the head. There's also my assumption that Ocelot shows up with them to save Big Boss. But where does Ishmael fit in?



Ishmael Isn't Real


What exactly does Ishmael say when you first see him in the gameplay trailer for Metal Gear Solid V? "You can call me Ishmael." While normally that wouldn't mean all that much, it gives me a few clues as to who Ishmael is, and that is no one. The book Moby **** begins with nearly the exact same line that Ishmael gave Big Boss when he first talked to him.


While this could just be a joke from Kojima, you have to remember that later on in the trailer you see someone summoning a giant whale to eat a helicopter. While its easy to say those two things aren't connected, I'm going to assume that Ishmael is a hallucination made by Little Psycho Mantis. Not just because those two connections though. That would make it shaky at best.




"Saved your life!" Big Boss laughed to no one.


Instead, we're going to go by what I saw in the trailers. First of all, Ishmael gets set on fire but comes out completely unharmed and able to continue directing Big Boss. Weird, but not unheard of in the MGS series. Secondly, Fire Marshall Bill doesn't seem to even notice him when he comes after Big Boss. But those are both just kind of weird. Let's get to the good stuff.


If you pay really close attention when Big Boss and Ishmael are being thrown around in the car in slow motion, you notice for a split second that while Big Boss is sitting in the passenger seat, he's actually the one steering the car, not Ishmael. Why this is, I have no idea. Maybe the kid that is making Big Boss hallucinate Ishmael doesn't know how to drive. That's just a guess, but it makes a tiny bit of sense to me.




You clearly see him get shot and drop to the ground


Now this is a big one. In the original Phantom Pain trailer, you see Ishmael getting killed. He gets gunned down in the hospital with a group of other patients. I think its safe to assume the car chase where Big Boss and Ishmael crashes takes place after him getting gunned down, but I'm not sure how that would work out yet. Perhaps he'll just reappear and say he wasn't killed? I don't know, but he's clearly getting shot in the trailer.





Having Psycho Mantis riding would explain why it looks like that.


Before I go, I just wanted to point out one last thing I saw while I was going through the trailer. I have no theories for this little tidbit, so I'll just explain what it is. If you go frame by frame through the new Phantom Pain trailer you'll catch a very brief glimpse of what appears to be Lil' Psycho Mantis riding on the flaming horse with Fire Marshall Bill. Just thought I'd throw that out there. As always, thank you for reading.

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