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Sony Needs A New Face For Playstation, But Do They Already Have One?


Kevin Butler is dead and buried. His Twitter account is no more and the only chance you'll have of ever seeing him again is through the necromancy brought on by long forgotten DLC in a game that nobody plays anymore. What I'm saying is, Sony needs a new advertising face for their company. Just who should be the new face of Sony's PlayStation marketing and why?


It certainly can't be the people they have for their advertisements right now. Nothing against the actor they used for their Greatness Awaits advertisement, but he lacks the charisma and personality that the Butler character had. He seems to be angrily yelling at the camera instead of getting me to buy stuff. And the sing song commercials? They can only work so long before they become annoying.



What Sony needs is a fun approachable character that has absolutely no chance of ever becoming a turncoat. Little do they know, they've had the perfect candidate sitting right under their noses this whole time. And that candidate is none other than...


Shuhei Yoshida




Look how approachable he is!


Depending on how "in the loop" you are with the internet dealings going on these days, you may or may not know who Shuhei Yoshida is. Well, he's the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios. Having a job title like that can make it pretty difficult to see why he would be the perfect fit for the face of PlayStation, so let's go into a little bit more detail. Shuhei Yoshida is this guy right down here.




You can't blame me for not understanding kids these days


"Haha so funny he did an internet meme! Now we hate him for no reason." Is what you're probably thinking. That's okay, because I'm not nominating him for knowing what is popular with the internet at that particular moment in time. I'm nominating him because he is becoming the familiar and friendly face that Sony needs at the head of their new PlayStation 4 marketing campaign. Now, there's the issue of him being too busy for such work seeing as he is the president of a large part of the company.


I call shenanigans on that. Just look at what Nintendo has done with Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aime, and to a much greater extent, Satoru Iwata, the President and CEO of Nintendo's Japanese branch. Both Miyamoto and Reggie are well known on the internet side of things for their great stage presence at shows like E3, but Iwata is on a totally different level with his seemingly constant Nintendo Direct updates. If there is any news coming out about Nintendo, it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll hear it coming from Iwata himself in a promotional video.


While not exactly a commercial per say, the Nintendo Directs have helped place Iwata into the minds of the people watching. He's not just the President of Nintendo anymore, he's a personality that people can identify with just the mention of his name. This helps give Nintendo an edge in consumer loyalty since the people buying their games are able to put definitive faces to the corporation they're giving their money to.



This edge that Nintendo has is something Sony has clearly noticed in the last year or so. Need proof? Look no further than the promotional videos they've been putting online, starting with their guide to sharing games on the PlayStation 4. That video exploded on the internet, frankly because it was hilarious and everybody loves a good console war where companies are really throwing hooks at each other left and right.



And then there was Yoshida's attempt at doing the Banderas meme during the televised PlayStation 4 launch in New York City that spread like wildfire on websites like NeoGaf for reasons I still don't fully understand, nor do I wish to find out. While I may not understand the meme, I do know that him doing something silly and popular on a large television program helped get the people's attention.


While there are plenty of other videos I can talk about, I think I've gotten my point across. Shuhei Yoshida is already the face of PlayStation on the internet, and if his Twitter account is anything to go by, he is great at keeping up a pleasant and personal face for the fans. Sony needs a great marketing strategy for their next generation system, and there is no doubt in my mind that Yoshida is it. Get to work on some commercials, Sony! As always, thanks for reading.

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