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Splitting Hairs: The Main Problem With Sony's Playstation Plus Service


I can describe my relationship with Playstation Plus in a single word: sporadic. It is certainly a good service if the monthly freebies are things you don't already have, and the special discounts are nothing to scoff at. While all of these perks are certainly worth the price of admission, I'll usually find myself taking periodic breaks from the service.


It isn't the fault of Playstation Plus, I'm just sporadic in my gaming habits. One month I could burn through multiple games, the next month I won't play many games at all. Throughout my time with the Playstation Plus service though, one thing has constantly nagged at me - the price. It seems to fluctuate depending on what advertisement you're looking at.


You see, the Playstation Plus service has three different value amounts. You can pay less than five dollars a month, five dollars a month, or slightly over five dollars a month. The price doesn't depend on where you live, it just depends on what ad you happened to stumble upon while looking for Playstation Plus time.




There are three common ads that you can find when you're looking to buy time for the Playstation Plus service. You can be offered the price of four dollars a month, six dollars a month, and the insanely confusing price of five dollars a month. I'll get into why the five dollars a month is confusing in a minute, but first we'll deal with the $4-$6 price points.


Going off of the Playstation website, you can buy three months of time for $17.99, which equals out to about six dollars a month for the service. For those of you that haven't learned simple math for some reason, that is two dollars more than the advertised price on the official Playstation website.




If you do want to get the advertised price of less than five dollars a month then you'll have to spring for the full year of Playstation Plus service. At a solid fifty dollars for the card, you can see why people might spring for the oddly priced and more expensive three month card. You're actually losing more money while spending less.


On one side you have an inflated price for a three month subscription, and on the other end you're paying the advertised price of four dollars. But then things get complicated when you see the Playstation Plus advertisements that say the service costs five dollars a month. At no point does this five dollar price point ever come into play, so just why are there ads saying otherwise?




I know, I know, I'm splitting hairs. Whether you're spending six dollars or four, you're still getting a great deal. But this sort of stuff just bugs me! Why can't they just choose one price and stick with it? Why even advertise certain prices that aren't even available? This can't be bugging just me!


Obviously this isn't an actual problem, but what do you think about all these pricing shenanigans with the Playstation Plus service? Why doesn't the service cost as much as it is advertised? Why does it cost more at times? Feel free to leave your comments below. As always, thanks for reading.

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