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The Playstation 3 Game That Nobody Has Beaten


When a new video game releases, the odds of it being beaten that same day by someone are usually pretty good. The only games that aren't beaten so quickly are MMORPG's or RPGs in general, which often take more than a few extra days. But what if I told you there was a game on the Playstation 3 that no one has beaten?


In fact, the game has been released for more than three years already. Over the span of so many years you would think at least one person would have seen the elusive ending by now, but the truth is nobody is even close to completing the game. What game could take this long to beat, and why? Well here's your answer.




Noby Noby Boy.


Never heard of it? Well then, let me clue you in. Noby Noby Boy was a game released on the Playstation Store by the father of the Katamari Damacy series, Keita Takahashi. As I'm sure you're aware, his games can be pretty crazy. You play a small worm tasked with the mission to grow. Nothing else! Eat whatever you have to, stretch as far as you can, and GROW.




This... This is harder than it looks


The main goal of the game is to stretch out into the heavens and reach Pluto. Now I don't mean that as a joke; that is what you really have to do to reach the game's ending. And it isn't easy. The distance from Earth to Pluto is so great that no one person could reach it on their own, so Noby Noby Boy keeps track of everyone's length. It is a group effort. And today, that group is endangered.


At one point there was over thirty thousand people playing Noby Noby Boy, trying to reach out towards the stars. Today, there is no more than fifty. At their current stretching rate, the fifty people still playing can average out at about 110,000,000 meters a day. A bit over one hundred thousand kilometers.




We need your help! (to kill these frogs)


The distance between Uranus and Neptune (the current planet that players are heading towards) is about 1,600 million kilometers. At the group's current rate, it will take them a year and a half to reach Neptune. And that's only if all fifty of them play every day. Sure, it is entirely possible they could average better on some days than others, but the fact still remains, after Neptune they have to reach Pluto.


Unfortunately, at this rate the game is looking more and more impossible to beat with each passing day. Of course, there's the possibility that the game won't include Pluto since it was demoted from it's planetary status a few years ago, but still. More than a year and a half to go at the very least to maybe almost reach the ending?




Wish you were here, seriously. Start stretching.


The next generation of consoles will likely release before anybody beats Noby Noby Boy. Assuming anyone ever beats the game. Unless of course you feel like helping. Currently, Noby Noby Boy is only five dollars on the Playstation Store. Do you want to be a part of gaming history and beat the unbeatable game? Well, we could certainly use your help.




As always, than you for reading. Do you have any interest in Noby Noby Boy? Well you should! The task may seem impossible, but with team work and a lot of stretching, we can go anywhere!

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