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The Pros & Cons Of Not Knowing What The PS4 Looks Like


The next generation of console warfare is finally coming to a boil. We've seen the next Xbox, we can buy the Wii U right now and we've heard about the Playstation 4. Now wait a second... one of those things is not like the others. Of course we know the Playstation 4 is out there - we've seen some of its games and all that. We just haven't seen the console itself. Now why would this really matter?


Its taken me a while to form this into words that make sense to more people than just myself, but I think I've finally figured it out. I know how to explain to people why it is so important to show the console itself during these big flashy events, and I think I've also figured out specifically why Sony didn't show theirs a few months back. Let's get to it, shall we?



The Problem With Our Silly Brains


Imagine this scenario in your head. You're driving your Jalopy down to the soda shop when you hear an announcement over the radio. The man behind the microphone delivers the startling news that a crazed murderer has escaped from prison and is in your general area. He then goes back to the normally broadcasted tunes of Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers.


Do you know what the 1950's radio announcer did wrong in the above scenario? He didn't give you any details that would allow your mind to picture the imminent threat in your area. You have nothing to anchor the memory in your mind except for the fact that someone said something over the radio. Sure, at first the word 'MURDERER' would be drilled into your skull and you'll feel hyped up at the thoughts going through your head.




Try to talk about a TV show you've never seen before and see how quickly you lose interest


But as time passes, you lose the ability to have meaningful discussions about it. You know there is a murderer out there because you heard the announcement, but without any way of actually picturing what this person looks like you're left with a gap in your brain. You have no way to talk about the killer without knowing more details. Without the ability to visualize or even talk about it, you start to lose interest in it.


This is kind of the same problem people are having with the Playstation 4. Sure you can imagine what it looks like. As many people have said, its going to be a black box. But at the same time you don't actually know if it'll be a black box or not. You have nothing to attach your memories of the event to and you can't describe what the console really is, so you start to lose your ability to discuss it.


Sure we saw some amazing looking games like Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadowfall, but your memories of those games don't remind you of the next Playstation. They remind you of the next Infamous. Of course the next Infamous will then remind you of the next Playstation, but that's where you hit the blank spot. No matter what you try to imagine, you're going to come up blank.



The Silver Lining Of Lost Hype


Now that a few months have passed without anyone being able to put a picture to the PS4, some people have lost their hype for the next generation console. It isn't a serious loss of hype, but the lack of information or pictures these last few months has caused people to forget the excitement they felt at the Playstation 4 announcement. This gives Sony the chance to rekindle their hype machine like some sort of marketing phoenix out of the ashes.




Whatever it looks like, at least it isn't this


And that's something they're going to need desperately now that Microsoft has entered the race to the next generation. While Sony has been biding it's time and waiting in the shadows with their system's design after their big reveal, Microsoft will have a direct sprint into E3 right after their announcement. While we have no way of knowing how Microsoft will follow up their announcement, it'll be interesting to see how the lead up to E3 will turn out now that Microsoft has shown it's hand.



Sony, What Are You Doing?


Sony recently released a teaser trailer on their official Youtube page showing off a Bigfoot quality picture of the Playstation 4. They attached some awe inspiring music and told you to get hyped because come E3, you're going to see the actual Playstation 4 design. While seeing the design is all fine and dandy, how many people are actually excited to see it?




It is either a black box or a Sasquatch monster


Nobody is going to drool over the console's matte finish or the ridges it may or may not have. We don't want to see the console so we can talk about how cool it looks. We need to see the console so we can put a face to the Playstation 4 name. Without being able to see the console we have nothing to attach our hype to and therefore nothing to hype up. Sony, nobody cares about the design! We just need the design so our brains don't feel so stupid when we try to picture your console. Luckily, we'll get that chance in a few days as we finally see the PS4 unveiled for the first time at Sony's pre-E3 press conference.


As always, thank you for reading. And an apology ahead of time if it seemed like I was rambling because this is the closest my brain will get to putting my feelings into words about all this nonsense.

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