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The Top 4 Games That Were Altered Due To Fan Backlash


As I'm sure you're all aware of by now, there's been a bit of animosity as of late due to a certain game that was the end of a trilogy. A lot of people voiced their complaints about the ending and arguments raged on for weeks until finally the developers came out and said they were working on a new ending to appease the fans.


Apparently this didn't sit well with a lot of people on the other end of the spectrum. More arguments were raised, and plenty of more complaints were heard. But it isn't like this is a new thing. Developers have been changing aspects of their games due to fan backlash for years, so why all of the hate now? They certainly didn't freak out as much when these games were changed.




Mass Effect 3


Of course we're going to start with Mass Effect since it's what's hot right now. I'm sure you all know the score by now. Mass Effect 3 came out, people played it, and some fans didn't like the ending. A whole lot of fighting occurred. Websites chose their sides and Forbes became the Dark Knight of gaming news oddly enough.




See? change can be good.


After all of this fighting and claims of "gamer entitlement", Bioware finally caved and announced that they were currently working on a new ending for the game. While you'd think this would be the end of all of the arguing, more and more sites started arguing about how you can't change "artistic visions". But its happened before, and these claims of gamer entitlement weren't seen anywhere...




Fallout 3


People seem to forget that not too long ago there was a pretty big kerfuffle over the ending to Bethesda's new take on the Fallout series. It wasn't the many, many glitches that got people upset, it was the game's ending. Spoilers, you either die or become a villain. The end forever. The problem was A. After you beat the game it was over. You couldn't keep playing after you beat it.




"Oh man, I'd love to help, its just all this... Fate and stuff."


And B. There was a perfectly good mutant immune to the extreme amounts of radioactivity in the room standing right there refusing to do anything to help you. Fans realized this and made a big stink about it. After arguing amongst fans and plenty of complaints, a piece of DLC was released that fixed the ending... For ten dollars.




Infamous 2


When Infamous 2 was first revealed, the main character Cole MacGrath had been given a major redesign. Instead of the short buzzcut and his yellow and black clothes, he was given a set of black pants and a blue v-neck, along with a shaggier hairdo. Fans of the series (And a few websites currently calling gamers entitled over Mass Effect 3) voiced their complaints about the new look for Cole.




He did look weird, but I'm sure Suckerpunch could have gotten it to work.


And then during GDC, Suckerpunch unveiled the new Cole MacGrath who looked surprisingly like the old Cole MacGrath. They said the main reason for the change was the fan backlash. They were originally trying to make Cole look more friendly and appealing to larger markets, but apparently in this case the fans were right to complain.




Deus Ex: Human Revolution


In what has to be the absolute quickest resolution to fan backlash, Eidos Montreal went back on their decision to region lock the PC version of the game exactly one day after they announced it due to the massive backlash from people planning on importing the game from other countries.




Finally I can say "Nobody asked for this."


Their original reason for the region lock on the game was due to size limitations on DVDs stopping them from putting multiple languages on discs. Immediately after the announcement was made, websites selling import copies were flooded with cancellations. While that was certainly a deciding factor in removing the region lock, Eidos came out saying that after fan response was judged, it would be best to just keep the game region free.




It may seem strange to see developers changing important elements of their games, but as you can see its been going on for years, even before games could be updated or before you could download DLC. Remember MGS3? The main complaint from gamers was that the camera was poorly implemented. With the release of Subsistence, the camera was changed to exactly what gamers wanted. It just goes to show you, voicing your complaints can actually get things done... unless you're complaining to Capcom.



Are you surprised to see so many big name games caving in to fan pressure when it comes to their design choices? How do you feel about this whole Mass Effect ending DLC? Why not voice your opinions below? As always, thanks for reading everyone!

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