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Top 5 PSN Games That Won't Break The Bank


With every update added on to each console's respective online stores, we come one step closer to an all digital future. And that future isn't coming cheap. It seems more and more often that the new games being added to the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Playstation Store are just a bit more expensive than they were a few years ago.


More PS1 classics are ringing up as ten dollars instead of the usual six dollars from last year, and many of the new games coming up on the Playstation Store are being given pricetags upwards of fifteen dollars! While that isn't much, the price can really sting when you realize you just spent fifteen dollars on a game that lasted an hour.


But it isn't all bad news, because I'm here to guide you into a cheaper world where the games are good and aren't always one cent less than what you have just to send you into a fit over that wasted penny. This is the world of budget games, and it can be great if you know where to look.


Noby Noby Boy


I've mentioned Noby Noby Boy before in a previous article, and I had nothing but good things to say about the extremely weird little gem of a game. You play as Boy, a worm monster given the task of eating everything in sight and to grow as large as possible so you can reach out to the other planets of the solar system.




Before we go any further in this article, I must say I do not use any drugs


While this sounds simplistic, the game itself is just chock full of secrets and easter eggs. So many in fact, there are still things to be discovered in the three year old game. Needless to say, Noby Noby Boy can suck up a lot of your time if you're willing to give the game a chance. Not everyone will when they see just how weird the game is, but there's plenty for you if you're willing to dig for it.


And with a price of just $5 on the Playstation Store, you'll be able to buy this and the next quirky game on this list with a single $10 PSN card. Then you can spend hours getting confused and frustrated with each game's trippy design choices and extremely addictive gameplay.


Trash Panic


What can I honestly say about the game Trash Panic? That it is insane and nonsensical? While that might be the right way to describe the game, it hardly does it any justice. In Trash Panic, you're put in charge of destroying garbage and throwing it away. Very quickly however, the garbage can will overflow.




This is what failure looks like


If you drop three pieces of garbage on the floor, it's game over. It is a lot like Tetris, only the difficulty is ramped up to eleven as early as the first stage. At the end of each level you're given a score on how well you compacted the trash, how environmentally friendly it was, and how many hazardous chemicals you used to break down the trash.


By the fourth level I found myself dropping canisters of oil on lit matches to explode a bunch of playground equipment to make space for a washing machine. When the washing machine dropped in, the water inside it put out the flames and ended up making me lose the level. If that sounds even slightly interesting to you, then pick up Trash Panic right now for just $4.99.




As I'm sure you've guessed by now, I play an awful lot of weirder games. But that isn't a bad thing! As long as you're willing to dig then odds are you'll eventually find a gem in all the rubbish. Thanks to the hit PSN game Journey, pretty much every PS3 owner knows about its developer, thatgamecompany. But at $15, I can see why people might pass over it.




Trust me, you're going to go places with that flower petal


With Flower you won't be getting the same experience you would with a game like Journey, but you will be spending around fifty percent less. Flower starts off rather simple. You have a single flower petal that you must guide through a field using your Six Axis controller. As you go along you'll be picking up other flower petals to add to your tail.


It is all extremely well-animated, and once you get the hand of it, things start to get all sorts of crazy. You'll be flying through the dark to pick up balls of light, smashing through a city trying to avoid touching the burning spots, looking for special hidden flowers and more. It really is a well-made game, and at $6.99 you really can't lose with this purchase.



Fight Night Champion: Champion Mode


I write for a video game website, so this pretty much bars me from participating in any professional sport ever. I can live with that. Or can't, depending on how many cans of ravioli my heart can take in one sitting before giving out (I would say at least nine). The point is, while I might not be really into sports, I can't get enough boxing games.




Nobody wants to admit they ate nine cans of Ravioli. That's embarrassing.


Something about playing a boxing game is just inherently hilarious. Taking cheap shots, punching your opponent six times in slow motion as the fall to the mat. It is just a great genre. So when Fight Night Champion: Champion Mode popped up on the Playstation Store for $4.99, I just had to get it.


And surprise surprise, it is a pretty great buy at five dollars! For $4.99 you practically get to play an interactive Rocky movie, but with a bit more bare knuckled white supremacist beat downs thrown in. If you do enjoy the game after purchasing it, you can always use the in-game store to buy the game's multiplayer mode as an add-on to extend it's life a bit.


Back To The Future: The Game


I'll be honest, I haven't beaten the Telltale Back to the Future games yet. But it is still going to make this list simply because the price is too good to pass up. Absolutely free with just the tiniest bit of work involved. When you look at the list of every PSN game on the Playstation Store, you'll see all of the Back to the Future episodes packed next to each other.




Front To The Past


All of them, except for Episode One that is. Why Episode One is absent from all the other episodes of the game - I don't know. But finding it is simple enough. You just go to the search bar at the top of the store and type in Back To The Future. Once everything has loaded you should see Episode One right where it belongs.


While I can't personally ascribe to whether the game is good or bad, the game has gotten mostly positive reviews on Metacritic. Also, just look at TellTale's history with point-and-click games. Their version of The Walking Dead is one of the most popular games on the store right now, so playing the first episode of one of their earlier releases entirely for free can't be too much of a bother now? [Note: These BTHF downloads might not work for everyone. I've been getting word that some people are denied access to the downloads when they attempt to buy them off of the Playstation Store]




If you were to buy everything listed above, you would end up spending just a bit more than twenty dollars. A pretty good haul for spending one third the cost of a full game. Are there other cheap games on the Playstation Store that you think of as gems in the rough? Why not list them in the comments below? As always, thanks for reading.

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