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Why The THQ Bundle Could Kill The Indie Bundles


Our world's doomsday might be scheduled for December 21st, but that hasn't stopped the Grim Reaper of games from coming early for the different indie bundles that have become so prevalent over these last few years. Why do I think the Indie bundles are doomed to death, you might ask?


The answer is simple: THQ. I'm sure you're all quite aware of the amazing bundle that THQ released a few weeks ago that allowed anyone to pay what they wanted for some very high-end PC games. That was great and all, and it certainly worked out in THQ's favor... but now it's time to deal with the aftermath.




More Developer Bundles Could Be On The Way


News has recently come out that THQ's stocks rose 40% after they released their Humble THQ Bundle. On top of that they managed to make a nice chunk of change by selling their older catalog games that had passed their prime shelf life and they've improved their image by giving to charity. A triple win, right?


You can bet other publishers were watching all of this closely, and now that everyone knows about the potential profit and good PR that comes with releasing their own humble bundle, it's safe to say they're going to start coming out of the woodwork. Don't be surprised to see an EA, Square-Enix, Ubisoft bundle, or more in the coming months.




Bill Murray seen here negotiating with the CEO of THQ


Yes, this will be an awesome time to be a PC gamer. You're going to be getting a lot of games for incredibly cheap prices. But here's where the problem comes in - while you're more than likely going to drop $5 on a bundle of Ubisoft games, how likely are you to drop another $5 on a pack of games you've never even heard of?


It's a product quality problem. Sure, the games in the humble indie bundles are good, but why should you pay the same price for those games when you can get AAA games over at the EA bundle page for nearly the same price? The whole point of the indie bundles was to get the names of these smaller developers out in the open, and of course, for charity.



The Flash In The Pan


This THQ bundle was a pretty big deal. So many good games for so cheap and without the need for a Steam sale?! Like I said earlier, every other developer and their cousin is going to be getting in on this new platform for selling their old games.


But what happens after they've had their fill of it all? Are they going to keep releasing bundles with newer and newer games out of the goodness of their hearts? Of course they aren't. They're going to move onto the next big money maker, leaving the indie bundles to once again fend for themselves.


Its funny, the q sort of looks like water going down a drain


But here comes the problem with that quality again. Once we've had so many great bundles come out, we're going to start expecting them to become the norm. People may be more likely to hold onto their money in the hopes of another big one appearing instead of purchasing the bundles that actually help out indie developers.


Once those bundles start to fail to bring in money, then bigger developers will see that the gravy train has stopped and refuse to release their own bundles altogether. Now Indie bundles will be suffering and charities will be out of millions of dollars. Hopefully I'm wrong to worry about all of this, but we'll know for sure when we start seeing more big game bundles...



As always, thank you all for reading. Do you think this THQ bundle could be the start to a disastrous age for the indie bundles? Obviously we won't see the effects just yet, but what do you think will happen when we see everyone releasing their own bundles? Why not comment with their thoughts below?

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